Summer’s a time to get out and see new things while the weather is warm in most of the world. With summer comes high season in a lot of destinations, and with high season comes higher prices.

How can you avoid peak season costs, get a bang for your buck and also have a great time? Read on, and you’ll see our top ideas for where’s best to take a trip while minding what’s in your wallet, in 2019.

Go backpacking in Medellin and Guatape, Colombia

There are so many things to do in Medellin and its neighboring town Guatape that make them excellent destinations for any time of year.

Medellin is known as having ‘eternal spring,’ meaning it’s slightly cooler in Northern Hemisphere winter time, and a bit warmer in summer. As for rainfall, it’s slightly “lower” in fall (September - December), but, as it rains mostly every day anyway, every month of the year is a fair time to visit Medellin and the surrounding region.

Despite what you may have heard, Medellin is an awesome place to be as a traveller, from heaps of types of accommodation for every budget, to delicious food options ranging from Colombian to other types of South American for every taste bud. You can eat great early, late and for inexpensive prices. One of our favorite things to do is to try Colombian coffee at some of our favorite cafes near El Poblado and take the free city walking tour.

As for the rest of the region and to get out of the city, two of our favorite weekend or two-day breaks are Guatape and Santa Fe de Antioquia. Guatape is easy to get to from Medellin and even if you don’t speak Spanish, people will help you navigate the bus station.

Santa Fe de Antioquia is also a simple bus ride away, and we recommend staying in a hostel with a pool so that you can cool off from the year-round heat and sun!

Search for your Latin soul in Argentina

It happens to be an interesting time to visit Argentina, as the currency recently became favorable to holders of the US Dollar. Argentina’s peso has fallen very sadly and incredibly against the USD, giving Americans lots of unexpected buying power in this otherwise slightly-pricey country for travelers.

Among some chilled-out things we have done in Argentina are exploring the cafe scene in Buenos Aires and walking for miles soaking in lots of the free sights of the downtown areas and cool neighborhoods.

If you venture westward toward Cordoba and the Sierra region, you’ll find that Cordoba, Argentina’s “second city,” has some unique things to do that travelers often overlook, and you can rent a car to road trip to small towns with scenic views.

Watch summer sunsets in Porto, Portugal

We found Porto to be an absolutely wonderful place to be in summer, with late sunsets, great weather (most of the time) and friendly locals. In summer, it’s a great time to picnic in Porto and watch the sunset near Gaia, or walk for hours seeing the different neighborhoods and beautiful tiled buildings.

For us, the highlights of Porto were all the places to see architecture, the trendy cafes, the views from Dom Luís I Bridge and the hilly streets of Ribeira. Oh, and don’t forget the national artistic treasures all over the São Bento Train Station.

We loved Porto and wished we had more time during summer to explore the nature not too far away. We continued on to the capital city of Lisbon, just a train ride away (book in advance for sure!).

Experience island life in Tenerife, Canary Islands

In going back to Spain, we had no idea what to expect from Tenerife, a volcanic island famed for Carnival and the highest point in all of Spain, El Teide. Summer is a great time to go, as rainfall is typically lowest during summer months, and this will be a pretty great time to travel there and enjoy the nature!

To get there, we had a layover and quick stop in Madrid that got our rusty Spanish back for the next few days we’d have in the Canary Islands. In Tenerife, we spent some time in the absolutely lovely and relaxing town of La Orotava, working our legs on the hilly streets.

Tenerife has its own culture that’s similar yet different to that of mainland Spain. There are interesting outside influences (like an accent influenced by Cubans) and local cuisine as well.

For a coliving experience, if you’re traveling while working remotely or looking to stay in a house among some experienced travelers with a professional mindset, check out Nine Coliving, which was by far the best thing that happened to us in Tenerife!

With more time, you can island hop to Gran Canaria, which is worth a visit to see some awesome sand dunes in the south and the spectacular views along the roads in the southwest.

Enjoy the long summer days in Tallinn, Estonia

All of Tallinn, Estonia, was like a big surprise for us. This charming city seems best to enjoy during summer, when the sun sets as late as 10:45 pm! (And you better have blackout curtains, because it rises at 4 am in July!).

Around the summer solstice, Estonians (and other cultures in the region, from Finland to Latvia) celebrate the Midsummer Festival, which means people take off from work, go to spend some time in the countryside and party all night (which is very short, because of how little darkness there is).

In Tallinn, walking around the compact Old Town is a great way to see architecture, history and lots of food, pubs and cafes. We stayed at Tallinn’s most musical hostel and found the city’s best cafes for digital nomads.

What we also liked about the Baltic region, especially in summer, is that it was easy (and picturesque!) to get from Estonia to Latvia. With the stops along the way, we saw all the greens and other colors of Estonia (and the north of Latvia) that we had yet to see because we hadn’t left the Tallinn metro area.

Get adventurous in all of Sri Lanka

All of Sri Lanka is affordable as a destination and all of Sri Lanka is good for all-year travel. We went in the middle of July, expecting rain showers or monsoons, but we got lucky, and you can, too! There are a few things to know about Sri Lanka, so it pays to see if this is a good place for you and your travel style.

Sri Lanka is an island near India and it’s a fascinating country where the people are peaceful and kind. It has lots of sub-climates, so it’s hot all year round on the coasts, and pretty moderate, to even chilly, in the center where the altitudes get higher. Because of Sri Lanka’s location, it has two rainy seasons - at one point in the year, the East has rain, and at one point, the West does.

Again, summer was a fine time to go to Sri Lanka (and winter is as well). During July, we experienced rain no more than twice, which was a miracle, and could happen randomly whenever.

We were amazed at how budget-friendly Sri Lanka is, from guesthouses to meals in restaurants to admission fees at cultural sights like temples and Buddhas. We did awesome things that taught us all about the country. We loved our visit to the Mackwoods Tea Plantation, which in summer, had a rather temperate climate (I needed a sweater as the sun got lower). We also spent a half day in Galle Fort, which has a fascinating mix of cultures, from colonial influences to several religious groups all calling this place home.

Eat your way through Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is one of our favorite new destinations, and although summer is high (and hot and humid) season, what’s interesting is that Taipei gets rain all year round. It can rain any day and sometimes unexpectedly, throughout the year, so considering summertime is a fine thing to do.

In the rest of Taiwan, you can find different climates as altitudes change, and what many tourists fail to do is to go hiking in the center of the country. This region is tons less touristed, and you could find yourself alone with nature.

As for Taipei, there’s so much culture to see, and we liked learning more about a history we had never been exposed to. For when you need a break from sun and humidity, there are lots of large shopping malls with huge food courts that have an array of Asian foods from all over the region. You can have Taiwanese cuisine, Mongolian BBQ, Japanese sushi and Korean kimbap, all in the same spot.

In Taipei, there are lots and lots of things you can do for free. We went to night markets (free entrance), famous memorials and their plazas like Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial and even the changing of the guard ceremony that happens daily and the many hikes that exist within the city (all free). To cool off, try Taipei’s best cafes with WiFi.

Hop over to Mexico City, Mexico

We couldn’t find anything that we did not love about Mexico City, and for anyone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s never too long of a flight.

With heaps of things to do Mexico City for every type of traveler, Mexico City is an incredible place to try lots of new foods with a food tour, see the local markets, try a margarita (or three) at a variety of bars (some on rooftops) and cool off with a cold brew at any of the popular specialty cafes.

Travelers like Mexico City for its value. You can Airbnb within your budget, and you can try new hostels like Selina Mexico City, which also has a coworking space and bar.

Let your budget take you far, anywhere in Vietnam

Vietnam is incredibly affordable, even as prices might rise in summer (high season). If you can book advance, you’ll probably do fine, as most major Vietnamese holidays fall in January-February, when prices go up and have surcharges due to the new year festivals.

Vietnam is where your Dollar (or Euro) will for sure go further, from eating out to accomodation at great value. For example, it’s hard to get bored in the capital city of Hanoi, with all these things to do.

You can drink Vietnamese coffee every day at [awesome cafes], take a trip to Ninh Binh or Sapa for the northern cultures, and see an impressive amount of the country without breaking the bank.

While summer is known as being wetter, with rainfall on average surpassing that of summer months in Vietnam, this is when places like the Sapa rice terraces will be vividly green, making for an incredible sight to see. In winter, the same region of rolling hills is dry and brown because of lack of rainfall. Summer brings back the brilliance and the fresh crops.

Find free things to do in New York City, USA

Now, we know what you’re thinking - isn’t NYC incredibly expensive? The short answer is yes, but the long answer is no.

If you know what to do in NYC, you can have a fantastic time on a low budget. If you’re okay with skipping the “must-see” tourist attractions that every book says you have to do, such as the viewing platform at the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock, the MoMA and any type of entertainment (save it for another time), you can have a budget in NYC of around USD 50 per day (if you travel with a buddy or if you stay in hostel dorms).

If you’re a traveling digital nomad, check out our favorite laptop-friendly NYC cafes where you can spend time in cafes with WiFi and sometimes even a backyard or two, and if you’re a coffee fanatic, we’ve already listed our favorite cafes in NYC, which make for a great way to venture into different areas … for coffee!

A few hacks for traveling in NYC and not breaking the bank are our favorite tips: