Buenos Aires has a lot to offer in terms of its coffee and cafe scene.

The Palermo neighborhood reminds us a lot of New York City. We found ourselves wandering around and stumbling on different cafes to try.

Best Coffee Shops in Buenos Aires

We became versed in the coffee offerings of Palermo, a beautiful area of Buenos Aires.

Palermo has cafes everywhere, many with cute outdoor seating areas and benches. The fall weather during May, is perfect for sitting outside at any time of day or night.

A hot cup of coffee goes great with the crisp fall air.


Lattente is located on one of the major roads in Palermo called Calle Thames.

This little cafe packs a punch and has outside benches that are great for groups or your typical Sunday coffee. Inside, you’ll find baristas making your coffee to order.

Felix Felicis Cafe

Located on a charming street corner, Felix Felicis is adorably trendy and has cool tables outside as well.

Felix Felicis Cafe has a great community vibe with friendy staff and excellent food. On most days, you’ll find people enjoying their coffee and getting work done on their laptops.

Felix Felicis Cafe reminds us of some of our favorite cafes in New York City.

Full City Coffeehouse

Full City Coffeehouse is a larger cafe and has outdoor couches, magazines and books to read. You’ll find a full food menu and lots of comfortable seating areas. Come hungry because the food at Full City Coffeehouse is excellent!


Helena is quaint and cute, with outdoor seating and breakfast/brunch foods. The vibe and charm of Helena is unique and is something everyone should experiences.

Sheikob’s Bagels

We found Sheikob’s Bagels when he was selling bagels at Lattente and Felix Felicis Cafe. Now he has his own store.

We enjoyed having a little something from back home (bagels!) while we were in Buenos Aires. Check out his bagels!. If you get a chance, make sure to tell him Becca & Dan from Half Half Travel say hi!

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