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We are the travelers, photographers and adventurers behind this blog. Half Half Travel is dedicated to sharing our remote work tips, travel guides, travel advice and so much more!

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15 Best Travel Accessories For 2023

What are the best travel products right now? See our best travel essentials for all types of trips, from travel accessories to products for working remotely.

Woman taking photo in bamboo forest in Sapa, Vietnam.

How to Create a Shared Home Office Space for Two

We’re sharing all our shared home office ideas, including how to design a shared home office space for two people and how to create a productive home workstation setup for two.

Woman using a small wireless mouse with an apple magic keyboard and laptop on a laptop stand in a home office setup

The Best Cities For Working Remotely and Traveling

Where are the best places to work remotely in 2023? The following list will help with how to find good cities for working remotely in the new year.

A city in portugal.

Remote Work

Learn how to work from home, work and travel and every place in between.

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Remote Work

14 Ways How to Work from Home with a Baby (I Did It!)

How can you work from home full-time with a baby around? Here are the tips I used when I worked remotely at home with a newborn close by. You got this!

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Learn how to travel and find the best travel guides to get you through your next trip.

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16 Cool and Unique Things to Do in Tallinn, Estonia

My list of what to see in Tallinn has things from historic landmarks and viewpoints, to trendy markets and natural vistas. See what I did on my trip that I recommend.

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Photography Advice

All of the best photography-based tutorials and editing tips and tricks.

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Photos Filling Up Your iPhone with iCloud Enabled? (Actual Fix)

Did your photos fill up your whole phone and is your iPhone saying your storage is full? Here’s what to do right now to fix the issue, even if you’ve enabled iCloud.

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Gear Reviews

Learn about all of the best products to help you travel better.

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Guava Lotus Travel Crib Review: Best for a Family Trip?

Is the Guava Lotus a good travel crib to get for a trip with a baby? I review this travel crib and compare it to other popular travel cribs.

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Blogging Advice

Learn how to grow a blog.

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Travelpayouts Review: A Monetization Must for Travel Bloggers?

Is the Travelpayouts affiliate program network worth it for growing your website revenue? In this review, I discuss it as a must-have for monetizing our blog.

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Home & Lifestyle

Learn how to live your best life at home.

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New A hat, sunglasses, and other items are laid out on a marble table.

How to Run in the Dark: 10+ Tips and 15+ Products to Try

How can you safely go running in the dark, at night and in the early morning? Here are my best tips and reflective gear products for runners, so you can see and be seen.

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