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Travel to Taiwan


Off the beaten path, undiscovered places and natural beauty are all ways to describe travel in Taiwan. Travel for food, hiking and culture in one of the best destinations in Asia. Due to being an island and often overshadowed by larger countries in the region, Taiwan has retained authenticity. The country is unbelievably safe, especially for solo female travelers, and one of the most relaxing places to be in East Asia.

Explore 3 Travel Guides In Taiwan

  • 47 Things to Do in Taipei

    With so many things to do in Taipei, we explored with the top tourism sites and also the best alternative and off-the-beaten path attractions like creative parks, night markets, the specialty cafe scene and free hiking trails.

  • Best Cafes in Taipei Worth Visiting

    Our digital nomad guide to the best laptop-friendly cafes in Taipei will help you find where to work in Taipei. We look for fast and free WiFi as a priority!

  • Taipei Eats Food Tour Review

    As one of the best food tours in Taipei, we went with Taipei Eats on a gastronomic adventure of the Dadaocheng District, trying foods from markets, gourmet shops and food stalls.