Tallinn, Estonia, is truly adorable, and so quaint, relaxing and intimate for a capital city. From its picturesque Old Town to quiet residential streets and wide sidewalks, we felt like we got to know the city center through its cafes.

We spent a week in Tallinn working remotely, which is something we wind up doing during most trips. We were sightseeing in between client work and other projects we were working on.

To get started with where we chose to spend a few hours per day working, we took some recommendations from friends and from the most highly-rated cafes on Foursquare, which is one of our favorite apps to use during travel.

It was also important that for meals, we focused on places with gluten-free and vegan options. For these reasons, Estonia is one of the best gluten-free countries to travel in as well as a country that’s friendly to vegan and vegetarian travel.

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Beyond these coffee shops, we did our own exploring and developed our own coffee route through this beautiful city in Estonia.

Our favorites are below!

Epic Coffee in Tallinn’s Old Town

Epic Coffee is a cozy cafe that we visited frequently because its coffee was delicious and the WiFi was reliable. Among their other food and drink offerings are a few types of pastries and a refrigerator of local alcoholic bottled drinks. We found Epic Coffee pretty good for getting work done!

Pro: Good WiFi, clean design, high tables, window seating, outdoor seating, lots of power outlets and great location

Cons: None to mention

Stencil wall art of a coffee cup in Tallinn Estonia Epic Coffee cafe exterior in Old Town Tallinn Estonia Epic Coffee cafe sign on the door in Old Town Tallinn Estonia

CoffeeBar 10133 (also called Mean Jacqueline Cafe) in Old Town

This little cafe has two chairs with a table out front. It goes by CoffeeBar 10133 in Google Maps and TripAdvisor, and the sign on the outside says Mean Jacqueline Cafe, so we’re really not sure of its true name. While WiFi was good here, it didn’t have any comfortable seating for sitting down with a laptop.

Pro: Good coffee, WiFi and location at the edge of Old Town closer to Telliskivi

Cons: No comfortable seating for laptop use, as chairs are much lower than the tabletops

100% vegan and gluten free baked goods at Mean Jacqueline coffee shop in Tallinn Estonia Cup of hot coffee with a green plant wall at Mean Jacqueline coffee shop Tallinn Estonia Woman looking through window panes at man inside coffee shop in Old Town Tallinn Estonia Cute cafe exterior with outdoor seating in Old Town Tallinn Estonia

Gustav Cafe in Solaris Mall (basement level), Südalinn

Gustav Cafe is a small chain of cafes and they offer a lot of baked goods. More impressive than their coffee menu were all their tea choices, which are served in loose leaf in your cup in a pretty large amount.

Pro: Lower prices than the more non-chain shops in Old Town and very nice array of tea choices

Cons: Environment is like that of a chain cafe, so not really unique for ambiance

Caffeine (multiple locations in Tallinn)

Caffeine is a chain throughout the Baltic region and we found their best characteristic to be their reliable WiFi. For coffees, they have a larger drinks menu, with choices like coconut or almond milk lattes, spicy mochaccinos, salted caramel macchiatos and some items with Estonian names like the Mullikohv (sparkling coffee).

We tried three locations of Caffeine:

  1. Old Town (Mündi 3, 10123)
  2. Old Town (Harju 3, 10146)
  3. Tatari neighborhood (Tatari 9, 10116) - has outdoor seating

Pro: Solid choice for doing work because lots of power outlets, consistent WiFi, varied snack and food options from sandwiches to granola bars

Cons: Coffee is kind of watery, and espresso machines create a lot of noise if you are looking to take meetings here

Must Puudel in Old Town

Most famous for being open from brunch to late hours for cocktails, Must Puudel is known as one of the trendiest spots in town and makes it to every list of where to eat, drink and hang out.

Its decor and interior is unique, and there’s outdoor seating both in front and in back.

Pro: Great vegan food, nice coffee, huge space with diverse choice of where to sit, trendy and eclectic design, gluten-free options

Cons: WiFi is okay, and prices are a bit high, compared with other cafes

Must Puudel outdoor seating tables and chairs in Old Town Tallinn Estonia Cute and trendy outdoor sidewalk seating at Must Puudel in Old Town Tallinn estonia Vegan gluten free breakfast options at Must Puudel cafe in Old Town Tallinn Estonia

Kohvik Komeet in Solaris Mall, Südalinn

Komeet attracts families, ladies lunching and business people due to its location in the Solaris Mall, close to Old Town. It’s a good place to have a nice coffee, but their food is pricier than many other places we found. For WiFi, use the mall network.

Pro: Cool 4th-floor location with some city views from the windows, comfortable chairs and lots of places to sit

Cons: Food prices are rather high, even lunch specials

Hot fresh cup of coffee at Kohvik Komeet in Solaris Mall Sudalinn Bar interior at Kohvik Komeet in Solaris Mall Sudalinn, Tallinn Estonia Cafe and restaurant natural light interior at Kohvik Komeet Solaris Mall Sudalinn Tallinn Estonia

NOP Cafe & Shop in Raua neighborhood

While we did not go to NOP for working, we did go there for a tasty lunch, and the food nor the drinks disappoint. They have a great menu of healthy, vegetarian and vegan food, and also nice teas and smoothies. This place is sure to please vegetarian travelers.

NOP seems to be always busy, and for good reasons. It is located between the Old City and Kadriorg Park, at the end of town.

Pro: Earthy and relaxing interior with vegan-friendly meals and a food shop that has imported and local products

Cons: Farther from city center

Living Room Cafe in Südalinn (NOW CLOSED)

2022 update: Unfortunately, this cafe has closed!

Kohvik August in Old Town (NOW CLOSED)

This cafe has unfortunately closed, which is a shame because we liked it so much when we visited!

Kohvik August cafe exterior in Old Town Tallinn Estonia Mod retro trendy Instagrammable interior of Kohvik August in Tallinn Estonia Retro Instagrammable cafe design at Kohvik August in Old Town Tallinn

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Last updated on April 9th, 2023