One thing we love is seeing people we know materialize their dreams. Our friend Anne is from Utrecht in the Netherlands and had a dream of opening a co-living and co-working space in the Canary Islands. Her dream became reality when she opened Nine Coliving, a beautiful mansion in the colonial town of La Orotava on the island of Tenerife.

A woman enjoying the Tenerife scenery while indulging in food at a Nine Coliving hammock.

A historic mansion turned modern

We stayed at Nine Coliving for ten days, and it was the best! Nine Coliving is a historic mansion from the 1800s converted into a chic living and working space for remote workers and travellers.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of coliving, it’s a concept for people who travel and work remotely. When you travel alone, you wind up seeking constants like community, a place to live and a place to do work. Nine Coliving provides those things!

A Tenerife balcony with Nine Coliving wicker furniture and a mesmerizing view of the ocean. A window in a room at Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain. A woman sitting at a desk using a laptop at Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain.

Our favorite parts of the Nine experience

1. Watching the sunset from the roof: The roof of the house faces all directions and you can watch the sun go down as it dips into the clouds and the sea. On our final night, we discovered a new island in the distance (it was La Palma)!

A group of people standing on a rooftop overlooking Tenerife, Spain. A group of people standing on a ledge overlooking the ocean in Tenerife, Spain. A group of people from Nine Coliving sitting on a ledge overlooking the cityscape of Tenerife in Spain. Three people standing on a rooftop in Tenerife, Spain, overlooking the ocean.

2. The town of La Orotava: Nine is located in the center of this charming Tenerife town that has a lot of history, cobblestone streets, views of the water and plenty of places to eat and watch the world go by. We enjoyed wandering the streets and always noticing something new, no matter how many times we had walked up or down Calle Tomas Zerolo, where the Nine house is located.

3. Cooking, eating and BBQing on the patio: What’s better than one cook in the kitchen? Two! Or three… or four! The kitchen and the dinner tables at Nine are social spaces where food is shared, coffee is made, lunch is cooked and stories are told. It’s how a coliving space like Nine is a great way to make friends as a digital nomad.

A wooden table with a bottle of water on it at Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain. A wooden table with wine bottles on it at Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain. A plate of salad from Spain with a fork and a glass of wine from Tenerife.

Our best nights in Tenerife were the ones on which the Nine family made time for a group BBQ and sat around hanging out with ice cream and dessert.

Nine Coliving offers a taste of Spain with skewers of vegetables cooked on the grill in Tenerife. A group of people sitting around a table at Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain. A group of people enjoying food on a balcony in Tenerife, Spain. A group of friends holding up a glass of wine in Tenerife, Spain.

4. Looking for the turtles in the pond in the yard: The house has three outdoor spaces, namely the roof, the courtyard and the patio and yard! The yard has grass and a pond, where you can look for all the animals.

5. Getting work done in an inspiring space: The workspace is a bright room with views of the town, and there’s a conference room, event space and desk space for everyone. Staying at Nine was an experience that felt like having family - a family of explorers, adventurers and creative people.

Two women working on laptops at a table in the Nine Coliving space in Tenerife. Chic coworking space setup with framed pictures on the wall and a large white shared desk with two laptops and black metal lamps A woman using a laptop in front of a window at Nine Coliving in Tenerife, Spain.

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