About Becca

Hi, I’m Becca! I write our travel destination guides, travel advice and remote work articles for our site. I’m also the voice of our social media. If you’re following us on Instagram, I’ll be the one who answers your DMs!

I have a history of travel. My first trip out of the country was to Canada, with my family. Later in my teens, I went to Israel, again with my family. I liked that a lot!

In my 20s, I spent two and a half years studying and working in Hong Kong and in Shanghai, China (respectively). I did a semester abroad at the City University of Hong Kong, and then I taught English to fourth and fifth graders in Shanghai. It was an unbelievable experience.

It was in China that I started using my first ‘real’ camera (a Canon Rebel T3) to document my adventures, while polishing my Mandarin Chinese. I fell in love with photography and seeing the world on my own. It was an incredible experience.

During these years, I traveled across Asia (South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand) and started writing about my journeys through all countries there — some of them twice! I met incredible and unique people with whom I still chat very often today (like world-famous globetrotter Dan Herszberg!).

My travels in Asia made me who I am today, without a doubt.

Once back in the US and after my move to NYC (where I was born!), I started backpacking several times a year in Latin America with friends. I developed a love for the cultures south of the border and working on my Spanish. I backpacked in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia.

I took time off from my full-time job to maximize my experiences in these places, and couldn’t get enough of seeing the incredible nature, cultures and cities.

Then, I met Dan in 2015. We dated long-distance for a year, as you’d know from reading our story. We started our Instagram, and then started this blog. Because of Half Half Travel, I’ve been able to continue my love of writing, for the world to see!

Our Instagram has been featured in various press like Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, the Daily Mail and I’ve personally been featured in stories like this one from Truist Bank’s blog.

On a related note, I’ve had the pleasure of being on some cool podcasts! A few of the ones I’ve had the most fun in recording are:

Some fun things I do are submit travel quotes for travel articles all over the internet! I’ve been quoted in:

I also hosted a remote work webinar for Ladies Get Paid and you can watch it online!

In past years, I’ve written expert guest blog posts for:

I’ve been interviewed more recently with Travelpayouts about monetizing our blog, JohnnyJet about our travel updates, Logo.com about building a brand and for Humankind about long-distance relationships.

Until 2023, I was working full-time for tech startups. Starting in summer 2023, I’m working remotely on our blog full-time. Right now, Dan and I live in the NY Metro Area with our daughter and we’re dreaming of our next trip.

About Dan

Hey! It’s Dan. I build our site in the custom format you see here. I take all our photos (you can see those in our photo galleries) and I write our Photography Advice section.

I’ll write a handful of those articles, but she absolutely writes most of them. She’s really good at it! We write a lot of our travel gear reviews together.

I got really into photography in high school, and learned about cameras from my dad. In my 20s, I had a press pass to the Philadelphia Flyers, and I would go to games and take pictures for a blog. I also worked at a car dealership where I would drive all of the cars, photograph them and make all of the web listings.

I moved to NYC in 2013 from the Philadelphia area and started taking photos there with a refreshed eye.

Photography has always been a hobby. Even though I had photography “jobs”, it was never the primary role of my profession. When I moved to NYC in 2013, it was to be a front-end engineer at charity: water. Front-end web development has always been my primary profession and it’s what I currently do to this day!

My first big travel adventure was with Remote Year. Basically, I packed up and sold all my things in Brooklyn, and flew to Europe in the spring of 2016 for what I can only call a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As a participant on Remote Year, I worked remotely and lived in 12 cities across Europe, Africa and Central & South America. Before then, I had “only” traveled to Jamaica, Israel and Colombia!

I was looking for a lot more, and knew a lot of “world” was out there. I definitely learned about working remotely and traveling, and how it could be done, during Remote Year.

I was also working full-time for a non-profit based in Manhattan.

Halfway through my year abroad, I left my full-time job to pursue freelancing, something that had been growing for me on the side, professionally. It was something I wanted to pursue.

My year abroad got me to use my camera creatively in situations I never thought I’d be in: scavenger hunts in Lisbon, a Half Marathon in Argentina’s Patagonia, road trips through Iceland and mountain treks in Morocco.

I led my first ‘photo walk’ in Mexico City. Photo walks have been a great way for me to meet other photographers from around the world, while exploring a city through photography. I’m always down to be a guide in a city I’m getting familiar with.

Once Becca and I started this website, I started learning a lot more about building a brand online. Working as a front-end engineer, I know how to build websites. But without the marketing background, I had to learn a lot about content marketing, affiliate marketing and SEO.

Currently, on nights and weekends (or if I have a day off), I’m sitting on our couch at home, building all the parts of this website you see. I work on the website design, set up all of our affiliate marketing partnerships and manage the business end of the Half Half Travel brand.

Today, I enjoy the photography component of Half Half Travel and I use Half Half Travel as my creative outlet (as does Becca).

When I’m not working remotely on Half Half Travel, I’m usually either cooking an egg sandwich in the kitchen, training for a marathon, watching videos on YouTube or playing with our baby and her toys!

Bonus Fact about me: Did you know that I’ve run seven marathons? It’s true! I’ve run one in Valencia (Spain), Salt Lake City, Philadelphia (twice), Brooklyn, Jersey City (New Jersey) and the New York City Marathon.