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Travel Photos by @halfhalftravel

Photography is an experience. Photography allows you to take a new perspective on where you are, what you see and the place of which you become a part. Walk through our photo experiences to get inspired for your next destination and ideas for your next shots.

  • Iceland

    Travel Photography of Roads Less Traveled on an Iceland Roadtrip

    How much can you see with a week-long road trip around Iceland? Find out how to get off the beaten path in these travel photos.

  • Colombia

    Bogota Cafe Scene: Photos of Our Favorite Cafes

    Where are the best coffeeshops in Bogota and what are they like? Bogota is famous for its new third wave coffee scene, and you can find cool cafes in many Bogota neighborhoods.

  • Mexico

    Mexico City Cafe Scene: Photos of Third Wave Coffee Shops

    Mexico City's trendy culture comes alive through its third wave coffeeshops and cafes which give a new life to its coffee scene. Experience coffee through these curated photos of Mexican coffee culture.

  • Vietnam

    Essential Hanoi: Quintessential Scenes From Vietnam’s Capital City

    Hanoi is one of the most unique places to travel and there are no dull moments for travelers who spend time in Hanoi. See our quintessential street scene photography from Hanoi.

  • Vietnam

    Photo Tour of a Black Hmong Village Trek in Sapa, Vietnam

    If you don't have time in your Vietnam itinerary to take a Sapa trekking trip, check out these photos of what it's like to trek through the Hmong villages of the northern Sapa region during travels.

  • Taiwan

    Experience the Night Market Culture of Taipei, Taiwan

    See why Taiwanese night markets are an important part of culture in Taipei. Locals and travelers love going to night markets for games, food and fun.

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Inle Lake: Our Favorite Travel Experience

    As one of our best Myanmar travel experiences, our Inle Lake itinerary and Inle Lake boat tour showed us dancing fishermen, Inle Lake sunsets and Burmese Buddhist culture.

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Authentic Street Photography in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

    Every Myanmar itinerary should have a stop in Yangon, an incredible Southeast Asian city, where every street and market is an authentic place to see city life.

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Off-the-Beaten-Path Myanmar (Burma) Experiences at Indein

    Spending a few days at Inle Lake in Myanmar gave us a chance to see the culture of Inle Lake at the Indein golden stupas.

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Iconic Dancing Fishermen Photos at Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)

    Travel to Myanmar with these best photos of the iconic dancing fishermen at Inle Lake in Myanmar, who charm travelers while standing on one foot.

  • Myanmar (Burma)

    The Most Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets in Myanmar (Burma)

    Myanmar is a beautiful travel destination, and one of the best countries for getting up early for sunrise photography, followed by sunset photography.

  • Mexico

    Amazing Local Market & Street Food in Mexico City

    No visit to CDMX is complete without traveling through the best food markets in Mexico City, where you'll see food vendors, fresh Mexican products and an authentic travel experience.

  • Dominican Republic

    Craziest Places in the Dominican Republic: Castillo Mundo King, Sosua

    Found in Atlas Obscura, this alternative top sight in the Dominican Republic should be on your travel itinerary if you like crazy architecture and getting off the beaten path in the Caribbean.

  • Portugal

    33 Photos of the Perfect Day in Lisbon

    What does a perfect day in Lisbon look like? Take a tour of Lisbon through beautiful photos of the best of Lisbon's top sights.

  • Gallery

    24 Stunning Beach Photos

    We've been to a lot of beaches through our travels. We've seen beaches off the coast of Colombia, Portugal, Mexico, Peru and more! Here's a collection of some of our favorite beaches from all around the world!

  • Netherlands

    11 Traditional Dutch Architecture Photos in Amsterdam

    The beautiful old buildings that line Amsterdam's central canals have several distinct features, from the skinny widths of most buildings to the crests and designs that are unique to each, if you keep looking up.

  • Netherlands

    17 Architecture and Design Photos in Rotterdam

    Rotterdam's train station looks like a futuristic spaceship, its downtown has shiny reflective office buildings and its central canal is lined with sculptures. This city is a mix of old and new, and its face is constantly changing.

  • Netherlands

    10 Bicycles Photos in Amsterdam

    What's faster than walking, more eco-friendly than driving and more efficient than skateboarding? The answer is bicycling, and the Dutch know how to do it...really well.

  • Israel

    16 Photos That Inspire You to Visit the Markets of Israel

    The markets in Israel are something special. They open a window into new and unique foods, as well as a cultural experience. If you're visiting Israel, see what to expect in Israeli markets!

  • Israel

    28 Beautiful Pictures of Israel

    After nearly two weeks in Israel, we stepped back and realized all of the colors we had seen, from Middle Eastern spices in the markets to the blue skies that accented the soft ridges of mountains in the desert.

  • Mexico

    The 15 Best Vintage Car Photos in Valladolid

    Strolling leisurely around Valladolid, Mexico, for two days let us appreciate the street life in this authentic town in the Yucatan Peninsula. What charmed us was Valladolid's old cars, which are very much a part of its fabric. Among them were vintage VW bugs, old VW vans and pickup trucks that were from another time in history.

  • Mexico

    12 Pattern and Design Photos From Yucatán Mexico

    Mexico's Yucatan region is an eye-full of texture, patterns and designs.

  • New York City

    10 Manhattan Bridge Photos in New York City

    Walking on the Manhattan Bridge is one of those non-touristy alternatives to a larger tourist attraction, the Brooklyn Bridge. We like the Manhattan Bridge because it's a real commute and it's a place from where you can get real sights of pretty real streets.

  • New York City

    19 Times Square Photos in New York City

    If you're ready to take on New York City, head to Times Square. This is a place you go to so that you can be among thousands of people, admiring the lights, the commercialism, the skyscrapers, the people dressed up like cartoon characters or the Statue of Liberty, and wonder how everything got this way.

  • Hong Kong

    20 Hong Kong Night Photos

    Hong Kong comes alive at night. This is a city where a noodle shop that looks drab in daytime will turn a spectrum of neon hues after dark. At 8pm, head to Victoria Harbour to see Hong Kong's skyline light up in blues, greens, yellows and purples as a laser show plays out, synchronized to music.

  • Hong Kong

    23 Inspiring Hong Kong Street Photos

    Prepare all your senses. Hong Kong's streets will throw you smells of fried tofu and skewered meat, sounds of cars honking and people yelling to bargain for a better price in a street market. We couldn't let go of our cameras as we walked miles through Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei and Tsim Sha Tsui.

  • Sri Lanka

    21 Photos That Show You the Green Parts of Sri Lanka

    From Sri Lanka's Hill Country to its beaches and old colonial forts, there is one color in common: green.

  • Hong Kong

    12 Hong Kong Junk Boat Photos

    The city itself is composed of hundreds of islands, and these days it's common for groups of friends to hire a boat and ride for an hour out to the New Territories, where the boat will anchor and everyone can swim, taking in the scenery and sunning atop the boat's roof deck.

  • Hong Kong

    12 Sunset and Reflections at Hong Kong's Instagram Pier

    Instagram Pier was a real place before Instagram was born. It was a pier in the Sai Wan district near Hong Kong University that served as a loading dock before it was a highly sought-out photo spot for taking reflection photos after a light rain before sunset.

  • Argentina

    10 Photos of Cute Dogs in Patagonia

    Argentina in general has a lot of street dogs, and Dan somehow worked magic and got them to pose for him. If this doesn't inspire you to hop a plane and drive off into Patagonia, then what does?

  • Peru

    14 of Peru's Most Beautiful Sunsets

    Lima, Peru, is not considered a real beach town, but its cliff-side waterfront will lead you otherwise. Get inspired by our photos to stick around from golden hour til dusk, watching the Pacific Ocean go dark.

  • Colombia

    14 Inspiring Guatapé Photos That Inspire You to Visit

    Bring your best walking shoes to Guatapé, Colombia, where you'll walk up 659 steps to the most epic view of the surrounding area. The town of Guatapé itself is a sleepy place that is popular for its giant monolith, the Peñon de Guatapé.

  • Colombia

    18 Photos From Bogotá's Downtown and La Candelaria

    Finding simplicity in a city full of surprises is always a fun challenge. Bogotá's neighborhoods are full of street vendors who sell everything from toys and balloons to native fruits and fried snacks. This is the way to experience Colombia!

  • Portugal

    23 Beautiful Beach Photos in Portugal

    Traveling in Portugal will surprise you at every turn, from incredible beaches to so many types of nature. Portugal's natural wonders are easily accessible, so start your journey and get inspired by our best shots.

  • Portugal

    22 Architecture and Design Photos in Portugal

    Portugal has incredible architecture that brings its cities to life. Get inspired by our favorite shots below for your next trip to Portugal.

  • England

    12 Flowers in the Arundel Castle & Gardens in England

    The curated flower gardens at the Arundel Castle in West Sussex, England, add color to the castle itself, which was built in 1067. It's old and this is a springtime wonderland!