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As travel photographers and travel bloggers, we love representing brands whose mission we believe in, as well as providing effective photography for our clients' media use.

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Meet Becca 🎉

I'm Becca! You'll most likely find me not speaking English, laughing, looking for cats and building @halfhalftravel's Instagram. I'm the operations behind Half Half Travel and help things go smoothly. If I'm not planning our travel, writing/editing our site copy, making Instgram stories — well then, what am I doing?

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Meet Dan 🤓

I'm Dan! I build the website that you're on right now. And by the way, it's totally custom. When I am not making new site features, I am brainstorming different partnerships, products and services to integrate with. Photography is one of my passions and you can find over 3 years of my travel photos on this site.

Let's work together

We believe that creating a partnership with brands & companies starts with good photos and even better people behind the camera.

We can provide any of the following

  • ✍️ Sponsored Blog Posts
  • 📷 Custom Lifestyle Photography
  • 👕 Product Reviews
  • ✈️ Press Trips
  • 🤔 and more!

If you're interested in a collaboration with us, feel free to reach out!

Our Clients & Case Studies

We've been so grateful to work with great clients such as Google, GoMacro, Away, UNTUCKit and many more.

  • Case Study

    GoMacro Macrobars Are the Perfect Snacks for Traveling

    We love having snack bars with us when we travel, in case we find ourselves in a long-haul bus, plane or train ride. We got in touch with one of our favorite brands, GoMacro, before we left for Europe. This is how we wound up taking photos of GoMacro bars with backgrounds in Portugal for Instagram!

  • Case Study

    Taking Language Classes with Fluent City

    Fluent City is a language school with locations nationwide in the US. The company's mission is to make language classes trendy and accessible to adults who have busy work lives. We’ve been partnering with Fluent City while we’ve been in NYC to learn some new languages.

  • Case Study

    We're #teampixel with Our Google Pixel and Pixel Buds

    Discover how Half Half Travel utilized Google's campaign for influencers to produce rich, colorful content.

  • Case Study

    We Sometimes Tuck-in Our UNTUCKit Shirts

    UNTUCKit is a clothing company that, quite plainly, has developed shirts that are purposely intended to be worn untucked, rather than traditional button-down apparel that looks better ‘tucked in.’ Our challenge was to show UNTUCKit’s clothes for both men and women in a his-hers style.

  • Case Study

    Bringing Away with Us to Beacon, New York

    Away is a luggage company that has created an excellent line of suitcases and has succeeded in grabbing attention of Instagram users by engaging them with their attractive Instagram feed.

  • Case Study

    Printed Photo Project with Parabo Press

    Parabo Press asked us to creatively choose items from their product catalog and get our photos printed, whole photos, that is! The challenge would be to take two real-life printed photos and re-make one of our half-half photos, creating a photo within an image.

Brands we work with

We love testing products that enable us to do the things we love. Get inspired by some of the brands that we work with!

  • Allbirds Review: What to Expect

    Why do we choose Allbirds for our travel shoes? We review popular Allbirds styles, and detail our experience on the quality, fit and style of this brand for a trip.

  • Aviator Review: What to Expect

    Aviator is a travel-centric brand that brings versatility, quality and long-lasting packable apparel, with special travel features built into all Aviator apparel and gear.

  • Bluffworks Review: What to Expect

    For our most trusted travel apparel brands, Bluffworks tops the list for their washable, packable, wrinkle-free and versatile travel clothes that are full of pockets and zippers.

  • DUER Review: What to Expect

    Does DUER make travel-ready apparel? We’ve tested DUER’s products in jeans, joggers, shorts and more, and list our reasons for why it’s a trustworthy travel brand for your trip.

  • OROS Review: What to Expect

    Wondering if OROS is worth the hype? Here's our honest take, plus everything you need to know before making a purchase.

  • Public Rec Review: What to Expect

    Why do we like and recommend Public Rec? They versatile styles and durable clothes only scratch the surface. Let's dive in!

  • Tom Bihn Review: What to Expect

    Tom Bihn bags are amazing. But don't take our word for it! They've been hand-making bags since 1972. See our honest reviews about all of their products.

  • Troubadour Goods Review: What to Expect

    Troubadour is a stylish backpack, duffel, tote and bag brand that focuses on features for a traveler on the go. Check out more about this classic travel brand in our reviews.

  • Nomatic Review: What to Expect

    What can you expect with traveling with products from Nomatic? We'll explore why Nomatic is one of our favorite functional travel gear companies!

  • Western Rise Review: What to Know Before You Buy

    Before you buy Western Rise apparel for men, see my honest review of their shorts, pants, tees and button-downs. See if Western Rise versatile travel apparel is right for you.

  • Peak Design Brand Review: What to Know Before You Buy

    Peak Design makes some of our favorite products for travel, photography, phones and accessories. Is it worth it? See what to know about the brand before buying PD gear.

  • Free Fly Travel Apparel Review: My Product Experience

    I tried Free Fly travel clothes and decided which products are worth it, and which might not be. In this review, see which ones I liked, and which could improve in the fit.

  • Is Canvelle Legit? What to Know About the Brand

    If you’ve seen ads for Canvelle, the lightweight stylish travel bags sound too good to be true. In this guide, I review every Canvelle product I’ve tried and what I think.

Other Social Media Campaigns

We enjoy working with brands and helping them capture something special from our perspective. If you're interested in having us help you with photos, get in touch.

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