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Estonia is a surprise, if anything. Where is this small country, credited for being the birthplace of Skype and Transferwise? Its mix of influences from Scandinavia and from the Baltic and Russian region make for a fascinating culture of innovation, progress and unique history.

Explore 3 Travel Guides In Estonia

  • Euphoria at Tallinn's Most Unique Hostel

    With its drum set, guitars hanging on the wall, nightly jam sessions and performances, this hostel is the most unique and friendly in all of Estonia.

  • The Best Way to Get From Tallinn to Riga

    We traveled to Riga from Tallinn on the Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus, the best way to get from Tallinn to Riga in one day while also seeing some of the most famous sights in both Estonia and Latvia! We never would’ve had the chance to see this many places in between the two cities on our own.

  • The Best Cafes for Working in Tallinn, Estonia

    We spent a week in Tallinn working remotely and tried as many cafes as we could find. From the Old Town to the downtown areas, here's our list of the best cafes to work from.

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