Hong Kong comes alive at night. This is a city where a noodle shop that looks drab in daytime will turn a spectrum of neon hues after dark. At 8pm, head to Victoria Harbour to see Hong Kong’s skyline light up in blues, greens, yellows and purples as a laser show plays out, synchronized to music. Don’t just look forward as you walk down a busy city street in Mong Kok or Causeway Bay; look up, and you’ll see HK’s vertical neon signs springing to life.

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Business Freedom

Business freedom 97.4
Business freedom [Teleport score] 1.0
Freedom from corruption 74.0
Freedom from corruption [Teleport score] 0.7883
Lack of labor restrictions 89.0
Lack of labor restrictions [Teleport score] 0.9579
Time to open a business 1.5
Time to open a business [Teleport score] 1.0

City Size

Urban area population (millions) 46.6455
Population density in people/sq km in UA center. 10537.638671875
Population density in people/sq km over full UA as defined by bounding box. 2232.2464542110383


Average day length (hours) 12.5
Average high temperature (Celsius) 25
Average low temperature (Celsius) 21
Average daily solar radiation (Mj/m²) 11.4
Weather type Humid Subtropical Climate

Cost of Living

Inflation [Teleport score] 0.4967
A kilogram of Apples $3.50
Bread $0.93
A Cappuccino $4.60
Movie ticket $13.00
Monthly fitness club membership $82.00
A beer $1.50
Monthly public transport $60.00
Lunch $8.70
5km taxi ride $7.20
Price of a meal at a restaurant $52.96

Leisure & Culture

Art galleries [Teleport score] 0.767
Art galleries 132
Cinemas [Teleport score] 0.5855
Cinemas 214
Comedy clubs [Teleport score] 0.6859
Comedy clubs 41
Concerts [Teleport score] 0.5296
Concert venues 121
Historical sites [Teleport score] 0.7766
Historical sites 122
Museums [Teleport score] 0.6351
Museums 149
Performing arts [Teleport score] 0.667
Performing art venues 88
Sports [Teleport score] 0.6169
Sport venues 106
Zoos [Teleport score] 0.9044
Zoos 36


Currency for urban area HKD
Currency exchange rate per US dollar for urban area 7.8228650909
GDP growth rate 2.3%
GDP growth rate [Teleport score] 0.4245
GDP per capita $54722.12
GDP per capita [Teleport score] 0.872


Percent of happy students 85.8%
Percent of top performers in PISA math test 33.7%
Percent of low performers in PISA math test 8.5%
Country mean scores in PISA math test 565.5185723625831
Percent of top performers in PISA reading test 16.8%
Percent of low performers in PISA reading test 6.8%
Country mean scores in PISA reading test 544.6000859869273
Percent of top performers in PISA science test 16.7%
Percent of low performers in PISA science test 5.6%
Country mean scores in PISA science test 554.9374343957384
PISA math ranking (high school) 2
PISA ranking 2
PISA ranking (high school) [Teleport score] 1.0
PISA reading (high school) 2
PISA science (high school) 8
University quality [Teleport score] 0.9422
Best university in ranking University of Hong Kong
Best university ranking 43


Healthcare quality [Teleport score] 0.7215


Large apartment $3700.00
Medium apartment $2900.00
Small apartment $2000.00
Rent index [Teleport score] 0.1

Internal application use

Percent of elderly people (65+ years) in country 0.2%
Life expectancy at birth in country 82.9
Median age in country 44.0
Unemployment rate in country 0.0%

Job Market

Maximum amount paid by employer as social security taxes per employee $191.00
Employer social security taxes per employee 5.0%
Startup jobs available 524.0
Startup job availability [Teleport score] 0.8414
Startup salary [Teleport score] 0.4393
Startup salary $40032.00


English skills 54.29
English skills [Teleport score] 0.5429
Spoken languages Traditional Chinese


LGBT adoption rights ✖ Single only
LGBT age of consent ✔ Equal
LGBT gender changing rights ✔ Legal, but requires surgery
LGBT conversion therapy regulations ✔ Banned
LGBT discrimination legality Illegal in some contexts
LGBT blood donation regulations ✖ Banned (indefinite deferral)
LGBT employment discrimination legality ✖ No protections
LGBT homosexuality rights ✔ Legal
LGBT housing discrimination legality ✖ No protections
LGBT marriage rights ✖ Unrecognized
LGBT Equality Index 55.84
LGBT Equality Index [Teleport score] 0.5564
Tolerance towards minorities [Teleport score] 0.874

Internet Access

Download speed (Mbps) 43.885
Internet access (download) [Teleport score] 0.5872
Upload speed (Mbps) 18.55
Internet access (upload) [Teleport score] 0.6583


Urban area elevation (meters) 74.0
Presence of hills in city 1.0
Presence of mountains in city 1.0
Median peak in meters 360.0
Elevation (hills or mountains) [Teleport score] 0.1867
Water access [Teleport score] 0.9725
Seaside access 1.0

Environmental Quality

Air quality [Teleport score] 0.2808
Cleanliness [Teleport score] 0.5788
Drinking water quality [Teleport score] 0.4883
Urban greenery [Teleport score] 0.4654


Crime rate [Teleport score] 0.8991
Gun-related deaths per 100,000 residents per year 0.03
Lack of gun related deaths [Teleport score] 1.0
Guns per 100 residents 5.85
Lack of guns [Teleport score] 0.971
Lack of guns and gun-related deaths [Teleport score] 0.9855


Coworking spaces [Teleport score] 0.6424
Startup events 209.0
Number of startup events in the last 12 months 1532
Startup events [Teleport score] 0.7823
Total number of startups 619
Number of upcoming meetup events 45
Meetups groups 199
Meetups members 66913
Meetups [Teleport score] 0.6559
Number of investors 481
Average monthly increase in number of startups 31.0
Average monthly increase in number of startups [Teleport score] 0.7882
Startup climate scene [Teleport score] 0.846
Startups [Teleport score] 0.8804
Coworking spaces on WorkFrom.co 42


Profit tax (%% of profit) 22.9%
Effective company profit tax rate on payouts as dividends [Teleport score] 0.9231
Income tax level [Teleport score] 0.753
Time overhead to file company taxes 74.0


Human city page http://cities.human.co/details/Hong_Kong/Hong_Kong
Traffic handling [Teleport score] 0.7299

Travel Connectivity

Airport hub 171
Airport hub [Teleport score] 0.7358

Venture Capital

Venture capital [Teleport score] 0.5537
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