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Haitian wooden carved mask at the end of a hallway lined with wooden carving masks Mundo King sign on a white concrete pole against a blue sky Wooden Chapel of the Lords sign with a wooden statue carved by Haitian artists and a stone wall Creepy wooden carved Haitian statue of crazed man holding two mermaid bodies Courtyard of all the carvings and statues by Haitian artists at Castillo Mundo King Giant spaceship and alien art next to the courtyard at Castillo Mundo King Girl in a dress walking in a hallway of Haitian wooden carving statues at Castillo Mundo King Haitian style wooden carved sculpture of a man wearing a top hat and a suit Wooden statues on pedestals in an open air room at Castillo Mundo King covered in wall art and hand painted murals Creatively painted walls with blue and black words and a girl holding a phone screen reflecting natural backgrounds Girl walking through rooms covered in graffiti style painted wall art at Castillo Mundo King Crazy futuristic alien and space inspired wall art View onto local Dominican streets from the top floors of Castillo Mundo King Shadows cast from light passing through concrete outlines against a red painted wall View of an upscale Dominican residential neighborhood in Sosua with a palm tree and view toward the Caribbean Sea Haunted kitchen falling apart due to being exposed to natural elements through the years Haitian statue carved from wood depicting a skeleton in a room filled with art and a Jesus painting Museo Universo hand carved sign on white concrete at Castillo Mundo King against a perfect blue sky View of Sosua and the Caribbean Sea from the rooftop of Castillo Mundo King on a clear day Black wooden Haitian sculpture of an old man with a guitar against white concrete on a balcony Torre del creador sign made of painted wood at Castillo Mundo King in Sosua White stone steps in staircases leading to different floors at Castillo Mundo King Room full of hand carved Haitian sculptures and statues in an open air room in the Castillo Mundo King mansion of Sosua

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