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One of the most enchanting parts of Mexico City is purely what you’ll see on the street.

From colorful markets to delicious street food that you could eat all day, Mexico City’s markets and shopping are a treat.

First, there’s the vendors who’ll be slicing up meat for serving tacos al pastor, a delicious and mouth-watering meal you can get on the go or at a proper restaurant.

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Then, there are the snacks in little baggies that you’ll find for sale from vendors in parks like Bosque de Chapultepec. If you’re with friends, you’ll have the opportunity to grab a bunch and try them all.

What about going to a big indoor market like Mercado de San Juan and perusing lunch vendors until you find the one whose food you want to sit down for? Mexico City is an ideal destination for market shopping and trying as many foods as you can, all in close proximity to your next stop.

Lastly, there’s the incredible produce. Mexico is known for its wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and there is no shortage of flavors. Start with the foods you won’t try anywhere else in the world, like nopales (cactus leaves), and beautiful yellow guayabas (guavas). They will melt in your mouth. These are all found at the markets!

Interested in insects? You can find vendors selling chapulines, or crickets (the type you eat)! They’ll add a nice crunch to your taco.

The markets of Mexico City are excellent photo spots for photographers and for those who want to have true local experiences.

Mexican man cutting meat from a trompo to make tacos al pastor in a Mexico City market Chips and street snacks in bags in a Mexico City market at Bosque Chapultepec on a weekend Female street vendor seen through rows of Mexican street snacks at a Mexico City market Plastic cups dipped in chile powder ready for making micheladas at a Mexico City market Mexican street food vendor selling ricos tacos at a Mexico City market Women looking at fresh goods and products outside at a local Mexico City market Girl holding a red plastic plate with a fresh beef taco topped with cactus nopales at a Mexico City market Rows of rotisserie chicken at a street vendor near a Mexico City market Girl squeezing a lime onto a rotisserie chicken taco on a plastic plate outside a Mexico City market Rows of vendors cooking fresh tacos for sale at one of Mexico City's biggest markets String beans, squash and mangoes for sale in boxes at a Mexico City market Market vendors selling produce, fruits and vegetables next to pinatas at one of Mexico City's largest market Basket of tiny mandarin citrus fruits for sale from a vendor at a Mexico City market Woman heating up fresh corn tortillas on a large stove at a stall in a Mexico City market Fresh orange juice in a plastic cup in front of hot buns at a vendor stall in a Mexico City market Rows of vendors selling fresh nopales for sale at a Mexico City market Vendors selling boxes and crates of fresh Mexican produce, fruits and vegetables inside a Mexico City market Vendors selling rows of fresh chayote, peppers, cucumbers, tomates and chiles inside a big Mexico City market Vendor stall selling fruity dry cereals for purchase inside a large Mexico City market Vendor stall selling dried fruits, nuts and dry goods at one of the best Mexico City markets to visit
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Last updated on May 12th, 2021