Rotterdam’s train station looks like a futuristic spaceship, its downtown has shiny reflective office buildings and its central canal is lined with sculptures. The city’s personality seems to be ever-changing through its architecture. Here you’ll find yellow cubic houses designed by Piet Blom to resemble trees in a forest, an indoor market in a large horseshoe-shaped glass atrium, a church that looks like a geometric wooden box and the Erasmusbrug, a bridge that resembles a giant white wishbone. Keep looking up, and you’ll without a doubt be awed.

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Business Freedom

Business freedom 80.0
Business freedom [Teleport score] 0.7658
Freedom from corruption 83.0
Freedom from corruption [Teleport score] 0.9153
Lack of labor restrictions 64.0
Lack of labor restrictions [Teleport score] 0.5198
Time to open a business 4.0
Time to open a business [Teleport score] 0.9699

City Size

Urban area population (millions) 0.9899
Population density in people/sq km in UA center. 2294.885498046875
Population density in people/sq km over full UA as defined by bounding box. 2232.91030358541


Average day length (hours) 12.9
Average number of rainy days per year 235.0
Average high temperature (Celsius) 13
Average low temperature (Celsius) 6
Average daily solar radiation (Mj/m²) 10.9
Weather type Marine West Coast Climate

Cost of Living

Inflation [Teleport score] 0.4934
A kilogram of Apples $2.20
Bread $1.00
A Cappuccino $3.00
Movie ticket $14.00
Monthly fitness club membership $31.00
A beer $1.40
Monthly public transport $81.00
Lunch $17.00
5km taxi ride $15.00
Price of a meal at a restaurant $83.72

Leisure & Culture

Art galleries [Teleport score] 0.6634
Art galleries 141
Cinemas [Teleport score] 0.6071
Cinemas 88
Comedy clubs [Teleport score] 0.6633
Comedy clubs 31
Concerts [Teleport score] 0.6791
Concert venues 165
Historical sites [Teleport score] 0.4861
Historical sites 49
Museums [Teleport score] 0.5994
Museums 82
Performing arts [Teleport score] 0.6811
Performing art venues 108
Sports [Teleport score] 0.6555
Sport venues 25
Zoos [Teleport score] 0.8685
Zoos 47


Currency for urban area EUR
Currency exchange rate per US dollar for urban area 0.8464429118
GDP growth rate 0.9%
GDP growth rate [Teleport score] 0.2533
GDP per capita $47354.53
GDP per capita [Teleport score] 0.7573


Percent of happy students 81.4%
Percent of top performers in PISA math test 19.3%
Percent of low performers in PISA math test 14.8%
Country mean scores in PISA math test 531.842722391199
Percent of top performers in PISA reading test 9.8%
Percent of low performers in PISA reading test 14.0%
Country mean scores in PISA reading test 511.2299652454207
Percent of top performers in PISA science test 11.8%
Percent of low performers in PISA science test 13.1%
Country mean scores in PISA science test 522.0558217258045
PISA math ranking (high school) 10
PISA ranking 10
PISA ranking (high school) [Teleport score] 0.8613
PISA reading (high school) 12
PISA science (high school) 13


Healthcare expenditure [Teleport score] 0.8974
Life expectancy (years) 81.8591
Life expectancy [Teleport score] 0.9101
Healthcare quality [Teleport score] 0.9104


Large apartment $1500.00
Medium apartment $1300.00
Small apartment $1000.00
Rent index [Teleport score] 0.619

Internal application use

Percent of elderly people (65+ years) in country 0.2%
Life expectancy at birth in country 81.3
Median age in country 42.5
Unemployment rate in country 0.1%

Job Market

Maximum amount paid by employer as social security taxes per employee $539.00
Employer social security taxes per employee 10.8%
Startup jobs available 21.0
Startup job availability [Teleport score] 0.3923
Startup salary [Teleport score] 0.4756
Startup salary $43317.00


English skills 72.16
English skills [Teleport score] 0.7216
Spoken languages Dutch


LGBT adoption rights ✔ Legal
LGBT age of consent ✔ Equal
LGBT gender changing rights ✔ Legal, surgery not required
LGBT conversion therapy regulations ✔ Banned
LGBT discrimination legality ✔ Illegal
LGBT blood donation regulations ✖ Banned (1-year deferral)
LGBT employment discrimination legality ✔ Sexual orientation and gender identity
LGBT homosexuality rights ✔ Legal
LGBT housing discrimination legality ✔ Sexual orientation and gender identity
LGBT marriage rights ✔ Legal
LGBT Equality Index 97.37
LGBT Equality Index [Teleport score] 1.0
Tolerance towards minorities [Teleport score] 0.6561

Internet Access

Download speed (Mbps) 44.2275
Internet access (download) [Teleport score] 0.5896
Upload speed (Mbps) 14.99
Internet access (upload) [Teleport score] 0.5809


Urban area elevation (meters) 11.0
Median peak in meters 25.0
Elevation (hills or mountains) [Teleport score] 0.1024
Water access [Teleport score] 0.7538
Seaside waterbody 1.0

Environmental Quality

Air quality [Teleport score] 0.5633
Cleanliness [Teleport score] 0.7403
Drinking water quality [Teleport score] 0.8523
Urban greenery [Teleport score] 0.6788


Crime rate [Teleport score] 0.6718
Gun-related deaths per 100,000 residents per year 0.58
Lack of gun related deaths [Teleport score] 0.9858
Guns per 100 residents 3.9
Lack of guns [Teleport score] 0.9818
Lack of guns and gun-related deaths [Teleport score] 0.9838


Coworking spaces [Teleport score] 0.7203
Startup events 43.0
Number of startup events in the last 12 months 185
Startup events [Teleport score] 0.5431
Total number of startups 109
Number of upcoming meetup events 66
Meetups groups 195
Meetups members 50076
Meetups [Teleport score] 0.6206
Number of investors 9
Average monthly increase in number of startups 3.0
Average monthly increase in number of startups [Teleport score] 0.3249
Startup climate scene [Teleport score] 0.4827
Startups [Teleport score] 0.5612
Coworking spaces on 15


Profit tax (%% of profit) 40.4%
Effective company profit tax rate on payouts as dividends [Teleport score] 0.6071
Income tax level [Teleport score] 0.3839
VAT (Sales Tax) 21.0%
Time overhead to file company taxes 119.0


Human city page
Traffic handling [Teleport score] 0.8403

Travel Connectivity

Airport hub 237
Airport hub [Teleport score] 0.9845
Intercity train connectivity [Teleport score] 0.6516

Venture Capital

Venture capital [Teleport score] 0.1884
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