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Wooden box of freshly baked bread on a quartz countertop for a cafe display window Stacks of paper coffee cups in a coffee shop shelf Sign in a coffee shop that says Pimp Your Blend Leaf latte art in a glass cup on top of a newspaper on a wooden table at a cafe in Mexico City V60 pourover dripping coffee into a glass carafe on a wooden table at a coffee bar Pouring a stream of black coffee from a glass carafe on a wooden table into a small white cup Two small white cups of black coffee, a croissant on a white plate and a brown paper bag of craft coffee in Mexico City Drip Cafe Low delicate glass of nitro brew coffee on a glass countertop at Almanegra cafe Almanegra sign with black letters on a white piece of glass outside the cafe in Mexico City Quentin Cafe menu on a black wall at the back of the coffeshop in Mexico City

Last updated on April 9th, 2023