Posted in Myanmar (Burma)

Burmese dancing fishermen sitting on the edge of a small fishing boat at sunset on Inle Lake Burmese dancing fishermen standing at one end of his boat on a clear sunny day at Inle Lake Myanmar Burmese fisherman wearing a conical fishing hat posing for a photo with one leg up and balancing a fishing net Burmese fisherman padding in his boat at sunset with mountains in the scenery at Inle Lake Myanmar Inle Lake dancing fisherman balancing on a boat with one leg and holding a cone-shaped wood fishing net in Myanmar Inle Lake famous Burmese dancing fisherman balancing on one leg with a big fishing net in Myanmar Iconic dancing fisherman of Inle Lake Myanmar holding up a fish for a photo Famous dancing fisherman standing on one foot with fishing net during sunset golden hour scene at Inle Lake Myanmar Burmese fisherman at Inle Lake holding up large conical fishing net during sunset mountain scenery in Myanmar

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