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Halifax was never really on my bucket list, but when I was given the opportunity to travel there with Dan, it seemed perfect. Going to Halifax in the late summer was an amazing time of year for great weather, long days, splendid views and a lot of photo-taking.

We spent only three full days in Nova Scotia, and walking for miles around Halifax is how we spent two of them. We liked the waterfront, Halifax Harbour, walking the steep uphill streets in the downtown neighborhoods and of course, hitting the top sights.

In the photos that follow, see our unique pictures of what Halifax looks like when you walk around on a nice day. We hope you feel transported to this part of Canada that deserves a memorable vacation.

Going for a walk in the early morning on the waterfront got us views of the ferries and boats that depart at rush hour. With a clear sky and the dramatic lighting, we were glad that our daughter woke us at the crack of dawn for this opportunity. We departed from where we were staying, which was conveniently located at the Queen’s Marque (you can see the photos at our Muir Hotel review).

As the sun rose higher, we continued to Halifax’s downtown area, and started the climb up some very steep streets. I was glad we had put on our best sneakers, rather than sandals, as the incline is so steep that we really had to work our legs.

As we approached the Citadel, there it was: the icon of Halifax, present on every magnet and postcard I’d seen in souvenir shops around the city. It was smaller than we both supposed, and it’s a modest size for the city’s #1 tourist site.

I have to say, though, that I thought the views “downward” from the Citadel on its hill were magnificent. You could really see why Halifax has had a place in history as a historic harbor and place of trade.

On to the waterfront, this is a place we’re glad we got to see at several points in the day. We started our day there with daybreak and the shuffle of ferries, and we walked around in the early afternoon with all the tourists.

Come 5pm, the waterfront bars started filling up with visitors who wanted to sit and relax for a beer, as well as the early dinner crowd. Everyone wanted a spot outside in the sun and with a water view (just like I did).

Behold the weird: we stopped by the “melting lightposts” sculpture, which is called “The Way Things Are.” People also refer to it as the “drunken lightposts.” I mention these as a stop that’ll make anyone smile, in our family-friendly Halifax travel guide.

Halifax is just the beginning of all the places you can take photos in the Halifax region of Nova Scotia. For more inspiration, check out our list of the best day trips from Halifax.

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