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Going to Polanco is a great thing to do if you are visiting Mexico City and you’d like to see another personality of this metropolis. Polanco is ritzy, fancy, clean and nice to walk around. Some of my favorite things to do there are visiting El Pendulo bookstore and seeing live music in Parque Lincoln.

Polanco is a big area, and it’s one of the best places to stay in Mexico City because it’s safe. In the photos here, I had walked up from Bosque Chapultepec and walked close to Parque Lincoln the entire time, before I headed east, back to Roma Norte.

What will you do with your time in Polanco? See my photos for some ideas.

First, I should mention that the Camino Real Polanco Hotel is one of the best spots for photos in Mexico City. If you’ve heard that it’s in Polanco, that’s true!

It’s located to the south and east of the general Polanco area, so it may make sense to visit it on the way, if you are walking from Roma.

Here are my photos:

After seeing modern architecture and upscale apartment buildings in Polanco’s side streets, head to the main thoroughfares for some action, shopping and traffic.

This is where you will find TANE, a jewelry store. Most people know it for its brightly-colored walls, which change from time to time. Most young people like to take a posed photo here.

Back to those leafy streets for a break, there’s always something interesting to see, especially if you are peering through the lens of a camera. That’s how I see it, at least.

Parque Lincoln is a long and rectangularly-shaped park where I always see a new sight. There is a pond, a play area, a theater and an aviary.

One thing I mention in my Mexico City travel guide is the Museo Soumaya, which is located in Polanco. That’s a great spot to visit, and I’d recommend that for any art lovers. It also has a spectacular silver facade.

As I leave Polanco, the theme is “apartment buildings, VW bugs and taxis.” To see what I mean, check out the final photos below of my Polanco visit.

Of course, remember to exercise caution when traveling in Mexico. For my recommendations, along with those of my friend who lives in CDMX, visit my Mexico City safety guide, especially for walking around with a camera.

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