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The Litchfield Hills are a vacation destination in western Connecticut. The area was new for me when I visited, and I was lucky enough to stay in Bantam, in a historic 1800s farmhouse that had been restored and cared for. It was the perfect way to be in the heart of all the towns to visit, and a great way for me to experience the region.

In this photo gallery, you’ll see photos of places I visited, from the White Flower Farm in Morris, CT, to the Winvian Farm Hotel, where I was given a private tour with Dan. We then also drove to Kent Falls and the White Forest.

I’ll tell you about each of these places and you can see all the visuals.

Our trip started at the farmhouse accommodation in Bantam, CT. The town itself is small, with a few areas to shop and eat by foot. The rest requires driving. The house we stayed in was set back on a property with a lot of green. There were trees out every window.

Our trip began with a visit to the White Flower Farm Store & Gardens, which is both a flower farm and a flower shop and plant nursery. It was a hot summer day, with a bit of fog and haze in the air. We figured it was a good time to go see all the types of flowers, and we were wow-ed with the variety of species.

The flower farm has been in business since 1950. At first, we accidentally parked out back near the greenhouses. We found our way to the front of the shop, the nursery aisles located next to the road, and then we toured the gardens on the gravel paths.

Going through all the flowers was like being in an enchanted garden in a movie. Our daughter was too young to appreciate the surroundings, but I loved seeing the varieties in perennials and roses, along with how everything was arranged. Dan had a great time taking photos. This is one of the things to do in the Litchfield area that the whole family can enjoy.

After seeing lots of nature and native shrubbery, we moved on to our private tour at the Winvian.

Winvian Farm is an exclusive and secluded five-star hotel in the Litchfield Hills. It’s not the type of place you can just walk into, like walking into the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. It’s far from that: the property is completely gated, and once we got in with our private session, we saw why.

Winvian Farm is utterly beautiful. It is quiet, serene and highly manicured in terms of the appearance on every building. It is exquisite.

We learned about the special hotel rooms, which all function like houses and cottages of their own. Each has a theme, from airplane to rustic. The theme is “European hospitality” and the hotel has a famous spa and restaurant.

While we didn’t get to go into any of the rooms themselves, we got to see the lobby and restaurant, and we toured the grounds on the roads and foot paths.

If you have a chance to stay at Winvian Farm, do it. The level of care that goes into everything was apparent in the design, the vibe and the feel of the whole place.

After our tour there, we did a bunch of other things that I outline in my Litchfield Hills travel guide, like heading to Kent Falls and walking in downtown Litchfield. Here are some more photos of some natural places in Litchfield County, as we continue driving to Kent Falls, a big waterfall in western Connecticut that is possible to swim in!

Kent Falls State Park is a place I’ll recommend to add to your Litchfield County itinerary. It’s conveniently right off the main road, and parking is simple. If the weather isn’t too steamy, it’s a nice place for a picnic! We would’ve done that, but it was really humid and a little tough to be outside if we weren’t swimming.

Then, there’s the White Memorial Conservation Center, right near Bantam and Litchfield. This was a surprising (to me) tall evergreen forest that looked like it could’ve been in Seattle. But it was in Connecticut! I liked that it was TOTALLY flat, which was nice because we had our baby with us. No hard trails here.

Our last stop was the White Memorial Boardwalk Loop Trail. It’s too bad that when we went, heavy rains had rained out a bunch of the boardwalks, so we had to turn around twice. In weather when the rain hasn’t drenched the region, this is an excellent area for wildlife watching and birding. Again, it was a flat trail that I appreciated, and it’s good for all ages.

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