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For me, walking around Condesa in Mexico City has always felt familiar. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the leafy trees, or the art deco architecture.

The quiet side streets are a joy to walk down, as I’m looking for where I’ll sit down for coffee or lunch.

This neighborhood isn’t like the rest of Mexico City: it’s calm and relaxing. It’s mostly why travelers love to hang out here and stay here, and why Condesa has become “fancier” in recent years.

Strolling aimlessly with no plan in Condesa is one of the best things to do in Mexico City. See why, in the pictures that follow.

Coffee time is one of my favorite times of day in Mexico City. Every time I’m in Condesa, I try to add more cafes to my list of the best coffee shops in Mexico City. Usually, I have success. Below, I photographed Cucurucho, recommended by my friend Menachem. (To see cafes I’ve visited during other trips, see our photos of third-wave cafes in CDMX)

As I continue with my walk, I look upward. I see new apartment buildings that rise higher than the original ones in the area.

I pass by Neveria Roxy, where I have liked going in the past to cool down with some Mexican ice cream. My favorite flavors are the guayaba (guava) and mamey. Oh my gosh, what a treat.

To complete the retro vibe, I can’t help but take a photo of a blue Volkswagen Beetle.

With the new influx of digital nomads, I notice coworking spaces when I walk by them. There are quite a few, nowadays. These are places where both locals and expats (or more transient remote workers) go for some work time.

When it’s time to have a juice or a snack, I walk over to Tomasa, a pink and pastel-hued cafe known for baked goods. It’s a vibe.

A lot of Condesa has been “Westernized,” and you’ll see shops that look like they could be in New York, or Europe. But then I turn my head and see scenes like these, of the spit of “al pastor” taco meat and men sitting on the sidewalk taking a rest next to motorbikes.

Don’t miss Churreria El Moro: this is the spot for anyone who wants to try Mexico’s sweetest treat.

As we make our way to Parque Mexico, one of my favorite parks in the world, we pass by typical Condesa street sights.

And finally, we’re there. Specifically, we’re at Fuente de los Cántaros on Avenida Michoacan. It’s beautiful, the kids are out playing, the weather is perfect and I’m on vacation.

To round out my day in Condesa, I pass by lots of places to eat and drink. Most notably, there’s Quentin, for coffee, Freims, Degu and Blend Station. They all make delicious food and drinks, so try them if you have the chance.

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