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Mountains in the distance with clouds in the foreground on a hike in Sapa, Vietnam The town of Sapa, Vietnam from above partly covered by clouds Mountains covered by clouds Tour guide posing for a picture in Sapa, Vietnam Tea cup on a table set for a meal Young boy in Sapa, Vietnam Cute puppy laying on the ground Dried corn hanging from the ceiling Town in a valley near Sapa, Vietnam Three water buffalos walking on a dirt path near Sapa, Vietnam Water buffalos chasing people down a dirt road near Sapa, Vietnam Motorbikes parked on the side of a dirt road near Sapa, Vietnam Traditional Vietnamese hanging art hanging from a mountain house Man driving a motorbike down a dirt road near Sapa, Vietnam People walking across a shallow river in a town near Sapa, Vietnam Shallow river flowing through big rocks Rice paddies in a town near Sapa, Vietnam Small house surrounded by rice paddies and mountains in a town near Sapa, Vietnam Close up of oranges in a basket Man and his bike in a small village near Sapa, Vietnam Rice paddy fields in the picturesque valley of Sapa, Vietnam, framed by majestic mountains. A cow and calf standing next to a fence in Sapa, Vietnam. A Vietnam house nestled alongside a stunning rice field in Sapa Trek. A person is standing on a wooden railing in Sapa, Vietnam. Two black pigs strolling through Sapa's stone path. A view of the village of Sapa, Vietnam with a mountain in the background. A plate of pancakes in Sapa, Vietnam. A plate of food on a wooden table in Vietnam. Sapa's mesmerizing rice terraces in Vietnam. A rooster walking on a dirt road in Sapa, Vietnam. A boy and a girl hiking on a dirt path in Sapa, Vietnam. A black dog walking on a stone wall in Vietnam during a Sapa Trek. A Vietnam mountain covered in green trees with a blue sky during the Sapa Trek. A close-up of a bamboo tree in the Sapa forest. An image of a bamboo forest with green trees in Vietnam. Woman taking photo in bamboo forest in Sapa A wooden fence adorned with vibrant flowers in Sapa, Vietnam. A woman wearing a fern headband in Sapa, Vietnam. A small stream flowing through a hillside in Sapa, Vietnam.

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