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A trip up to Livingston Manor in the Western Catskills means pure relaxation and getting to know nature.

We weren’t sure what to expect, even though I went to summer camp on the edge of the region, when I was a teenager. Coming back to this area of Upstate New York made me reminisce on all my summers spent in the mountains.

The experience was new, though. Especially because of coming with our infant daughter at the time, this trip meant slowing down, appreciating the greenery and exploring what there is to do in Livingston Manor nowadays.

Here are the photos in this trip gallery.

Some great places to take photos in Livingston Manor, inspired by this gallery:

  • An authentic setting like a local farm or horse stable
  • Photos in natural settings like short forest hikes or camping at local campgrounds in the area
  • Breweries in the region like Upward Brewing or Catskill Brewing

One of the special parts of our trip was visiting Beaver Lake Farm, a private farm outside of town. We got a tour from the farmer and got to see all the working parts of the farm, from the chicken coop to the pasture where the sheep live.

A lot went into taking photos of these animals, as it was morning and the sun was very high in the sky. Also, the animals, especially the babies, were running around in the grass.

Any good trip starts with good accommodation. We stayed at a boutique hotel called Antrim Streamside, which is a private gated property with acres and acres of nature, as well as the Willowemoc Creek for trout fishing.

There are loads of places to be one with nature and get photos like these, outside of Livingston Manor’s town. We were lucky enough to have the hiking trails of the hotel grounds at our fingertips, by staying two nights.

To top it off, we were the only people on the private trails, so it felt a bit like a fairytale. We tried to take photos at every turn in the forest.

After coming back from our visit, we had the pleasure of speaking with Antrim Streamside’s founder about the beautiful spot where the accommodations are built. See more at our interview with Diane Beveridge. We also wrote the Antrim Streamside boutique hotel review, where you can see a few more photos from our stay.

Next up is our trip to one of the popular breweries in the area: Upward Brewing Company. Part of any Catskills itinerary is usually a brewery visit, as we detail in our Catskills travel guide.

What I didn’t expect was the awesome and chic mid-century modern architecture and deco of the brewery, which is set on a grassy hill with forest behind it. (Fun fact: there is a hiking trail next to the patio, and it’s called Beer Mountain!)

Upward Brewing Company is a great brewery for spending an afternoon, or an evening, having a drink and some good bar food. I think my favorite aspect was the vibe of the place, which was akin to a rustic-meets-mod feeling.

Back at the natural surroundings of our hotel, there was more nature to behold.

Here’s the leafy setting of the apple orchard, a small collection of trees that formed a canopy with their branches. We staged a photo shoot there in the morning.

While there were signed for an “old orchard,” we didn’t quite find that one.

Part of an excursion or trip out to the area near Livingston Manor is experiencing the waterways. Did you know Livingston Manor is known as the birthplace of fly fishing, and is highly popular for trout fishing? Many visitors pair fly fishing with camping, or check out the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum.

If you’re ready to travel to Livingston Manor as your next city getaway or long weekend vacation, bookmark our Livingston Manor travel guide, which lists where to eat, drink and shop in the town and nearby.

Whether your bags are packed or not, we hope you enjoyed this gallery of our Livingston Manor photo collection.

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