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Sleek white coffeeshop interior with silver coffeemakers, wall art and gray marble countertops Cafe interior with a shelf of neatly packaged bags of coffee beans and a board of text depicting coffees of the day Perspective of chic industrial cafe interior and baristas making coffees Skinny Chemex glass beaker and two gray coffee cups on a wooden table in a cafe Row of clean clear glass beakers along the bar of a coffeeshop Girl drinking espresso from a cup at a table in a chic coffeeshop Burlap bag of coffeebeans with the text Blue coffeeshop text board depicting coffees and prices of the day along a wall Cans of third wave coffee along the wall of a chic third wave coffeeshop in Bogota Turquoise saucer and espresso cup filled with espresso on a wooden table in a coffeeshop Black and white text along ledges on a coffeeshop text board menu with a teal wall Orange bags of coffee beans for sale against a teal wall at a third wave cafe Wooden letter blocks with black texts comprising a coffeeshop menu against a teal wall Orange AZAHAR bag of coffee beans for sale against a tiled wall at a third wave coffeeshop in bogota Chic trendy cafe interior featuring a wall size text block menu, natural lamps and cement coffee bar with natural light Brown glass bottle with condensation and small short glass of water against natural plants on a wooden ledge Red neon letters spelling AZAHAR at the front of Azahar Cafe in Bogota Colombia Azahar Cafe interior featuring glass walls, natural light, street view and lots of plants Man pouring hot water from a gooseneck kettle into a white V60 pourover at a third wave cafe Coffeeshop interior at Azahar cafe featuring glass, black metal accents, natural style lamps and trendy plants for decor Smiling man wearing a red and black plaid flannel shirt and orange barista apron pouring hot water into a Chemex from a gooseneck kettle Flat lay view of coffee blooms in a white filter of a Chemex Glass vials with corks of different types of Colombian coffee set in a wooden slab at a cafe White and green CAFE CULTOR bags of coffee for sale at a Bogota coffeeshop Green and white bags of coffee for sale next to a woven basket with coffee beans falling out onto white surface Yellow gold coffee themed Spanish throw pillow in a bay window of a Bogota coffeeshop Black outline of cafe name CAFE CULTOR seen through a shelf in the coffeeshop Cold brew coffee in a stem glass cup on a table in a chic cafe Red and green stools at a coffeeshop bar wit white walls and patterned tiles White coffeecup next to a cafe business card and brown espresso cup full of coffee beans from Colombia Girl holding the handle of a white espresso cup on a white saucer against a lime green table surface at a cafe Moist carrot cake with white icing on a plate with two silver forks and a recycled paper napkin on a dark wooden table next to two cups of coffee Cozy coffeeshop interior at Cafe Cultor in Bogota Colombia Cafe Cultor interior with painted wall art, white walls, wood panel bar and tiled surfaces, and white archways between rooms of a house
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Last updated on May 9th, 2021