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A woman wearing a hat on a balcony. Yellow facade of a historic Portuguese building and red tiled rooftop against bright blue sky Famous white stone archway at Praca do Comercio in downtown Lisbon An archway with a clock on it. Yellow restored Lisboan architecture with red tile roof and blue sky Old fashioned stoplight in a picturesque downtown Lisbon neighborhood A yellow building with a blue sky. Urban sidewalk stairs next to purple flowering trees and a vintage white car parked on the street A view of the city of lisbon, portugal. An orange building with a clock on it. A bird flies over the rooftops of lisbon, portugal. A woman riding a skateboard down a set of stairs. A window with a tiled roof. A woman wearing a pink hat and floral dress walking down a cobbled street. Santa Catarina viewpoint at golden hour before sunset Sun going down against Lisbon tiled rooftop buildings at sunset Lisbon, portugal - lisbon, portugal - lisbon, portugal -. A yellow bus driving down a city street. A brick building with a clock on top. A man is riding a skateboard on the roof of a building in san francisco, california. A white building with a sun shining on it. A tan building with a blue sky. A yellow tram on a street in lisbon, portugal. A bridge over a street. The sky is cloudy. Street lights line a downtown main street in Baixa Lisbon A neon sign on a building. A building with a traffic light on it at night.

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