What kind of gift can you get for someone who already seems to have everything related to travel?

That’s what our gift guide is here for. We’ve listed and researched our favorite brands with these foolproof sure-to-please gift ideas for seasoned travelers and newbie travelers alike.

Whether you’re searching for thoughtful and unique gifts for a brother, sister, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, these new and interesting gift ideas make a statement and show you care.

Maybe you need a gift for your mom and she’d be thrilled to have a comfy merino wool hoodie for her next flight. Or maybe your coworker, who always travels for business, could really do well with a book about leisure travel in North America, written from the heart by two passionate writers. Maybe you need a Secret Santa gift that does the trick and makes a statement, and maybe a microfiber travel towel would be a one-size-fits-all win.

Check out the gift guide and you may be surprised at all the cool finds out there that pack a punch this year.

Travel Jeans from Aviator

These pants are a favorite of ours because of the specific travel features that set them apart. The Aviator pants are the best way to keep your valuables safe when you travel because they zipper up your belongings like a phone and passport. 

You might get so used to these useful features that you’ll wear them when you’re not on the road!

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Tom Bihn Shadow Guide on a white background

The Tom Bihn Shadow Guide 23

This backpack, which we reviewed here, is an awesome everyday upgrade for most travelers, or anyone looking for a backpack that’ll last a lifetime. The lining and bottom are made from Ballistic Nylon, which is well-known for its durability and strength.

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The Aviator Merino Wool Hoodie - Men’s and Women’S

This merino wool zip hoodie, which we’ve written about in depth as an honest review, for travel has fun and unexpected features, like an oversized hood to be used as a sleep mask, fold-over mittens, thumbholes, and zippered pockets. Plus, it’s ultralightweight high-quality merino wool. Shop the men’s hoodie and shop the women’s hoodie.

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Troubadour Adventure Carrier Tote

Finally, a stylish and timeless high-quality tote bag that carries a laptop in a zipper pocket. This attractive tote is made of waterproof fabric with durable leather handles and zips up your laptop into a padded compartment so you can keep looking good. Becca is super excited about this one. Check out this tote and the Featherweight tote at Troubadour Goods.

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Troubadour Generation KI Cross-Body Bag

The perfect cross-body travel purse is here, and you’ll look incredibly sophisticated while wearing it on a trip. This leather bag for travelers has a detachable strap so that you can use it as a super-cute clutch. We really appreciate the zipper under the flat, for added security and protection against theft. See more details and photos at Troubadour Goods.

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Patagonia Black Hole 60L Duffel

This bag doesn’t actually seem like it holds 60L, but it does, and it’s awesome. This tough bag also has a shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.

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The Away Daypack

This daypack is sleek, slender, trendy and chic, which are all things we look for in a backpack to take out for the day. It also doubles as a pretty attractive day bag that can sub in for a purse, if you plan to be toting a laptop.

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KUVRD Universal Lens Cap

Protect your camera lenses with KURVD. This unique product is soft, unlike traditional lens caps, so you never lose it. It also stretches to fit a variety of lens sizes, and keeps dust out. 

This is one of the most special photo accessories we own, and we like it because it’s lightweight and takes up hardly any space if we pack it for a trip.

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YETI Rambler 26 Oz Bottle

A dependable water bottle! Keep your drink hot for a day, and cold when you need it most! This is a one of our favorite items in our gift guide.

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All Day Every Day Joggers

New to our travel gear, the ADED joggers are like sweatpants you love, but decent pants you like to be seen in. They’re great for guys who want travel day attire (think long flights or long car rides), or lounging around. 

They’re so comfortable you might want to sleep in them. Try them out!

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TSA Approved Luggage Locks

Lock up your luggage when you your bag isn’t with you, or lock up your stuff at a campsite, pool, country club or hostel. You can’t go wrong with these strong and mighty locks.

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SANDMARC Phone Camera Lens Attachments

SANDMARC has such cool products for taking even better photos with a phone, so that you can turn your iPhone into a high-quality camera with impressive lenses.

We really like the SANDMARC wide-angle phone lens, which provides an impressive and unique spin on regular photography, along with their macro lens add-on for phone cameras, which will let you get macro-style photography in a snap.

Use code HALFHALFTRAVEL at checkout for a discount!

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Travel North America (And Avoid Being a Tourist)

This is one book about ALL of North America that we really enjoy. In fact, we love leafing through it while we’re having a coffee in the morning so that we can start dreaming about all the possible trips on this beautiful continent. 

It’s a great gift for someone who’d like to find out about new getaways from Canada to the Caribbean.

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Microfiber Quick-Dry Towel

Perfect for hostels and whenever you don’t have a “real” towel. It folds up small, dries fast and is so easy to wash.

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The Wander Club Wanderchain with Custom Tokens

This keychain has a big metal ring onto which small tokens are attached, and for your tokens, you can choose from cities, states, countries or continents you’ve been to that create meaning for you in your travel memories. 

It’s like having your travels next to you all the time, on your keyring. Pick one up as a super thoughtful gift!

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EMS Wool Socks

Merino wool is a new traveler favorite and these socks are meant to withstand lots of wear, along with moisture. So warm!

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Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag

This is such a unique gift for a traveler who wants to keep belongings dry in unexpected (or inentional) wet or damp scenarios. Keep everything dry in this sealed silicone dry bag for travel!

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Matador Transit30 2.0

A bag that packs away, this super-light, durable and waterproof bag is a must-have for any type of trip. It holds 30 liters of your travel gear!

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3D Organizer Cube

Perfect to keep everything organized. This is a gift for the neat and Type A traveler who’s obsessed with having everything in its place!

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Wow, it’s a waterproof Kindle – the kind you can bring to the beach and the pool. We like the Kindle because you can download all your books, and of course, travel guides for your trip! 

If you don’t want to load three or four different books into your luggage, get the Kindle so that they’re all in there, accessible when you want them.

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Bluffworks Travel Clothes

We love Bluffworks because they’re developing clothes for travel that feel great and are built to last. Dan has taken shirts from the Bluffworks men’s line on weekend trips, and the best part is that the shirts and pants don’t require ironing. 

They’re wrinkle-free! Bluffworks came out with a women’s line this year and they’re developing new products quickly. Keep a look out for the newest items!

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Bose QuietComfort 35

Block out all of the noise. These make the best gift for a frequent jetsetter or someone in need of updating their headphones.

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Cabeau Travel Pillow

The best travel gift for someone who wants to sleep on a flight. This is a long-time favorite of ours, and so important for napping during flying.

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DUER Pants

These are some of the best travel pants around, and Dan can promise you that, because he wears DUER pants most days of the week.

These pants are built with lots of stretch for ultimate wearability, and they’re comfortable to wear on long plane rides, bus rides and more.

Want to see more? Read our review!

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Fjallraven Kanken 16L

It’s that backpack with that fox logo you always see! This bag is trendy, doesn’t have a bit footprint if you pack it into your luggage, and is perfectly cute to wear around as a daypack during travel.

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JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to some music while you travel with this portable Bluetooth speaker that you can set up in a hotel room, hostel, campsite or party.

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Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

It’s technically a technical bag. This bag has all sorts of functions and is pretty lightweight, yet durable, letting you get over mountains.

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Patagonia Nano Puff

What’s a nano puff? This jacket packs into its own pocket so that you can compress it into your bags and it’s ultralight – great to use as a layer during travel to cold places.

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Sandisk Ultra 128GB Micro SD Card

Get some extra space for your phone or GoPro with this Sandisk Ultra Micro SD Card. You’ll never run out of storage space.

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Sony A7III

Upgrade your travel camera! This is one of the best gift ideas for 2019 for travel photographers.

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Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones

Remove all the noise during your travels (and life). This is the perfect gift for travelers because they can get anyone through a long flight, train ride or noisy situation. As a bonus, they fold up into a cool case that will stack in your carry-on, backpack or luggage. 

These are a must-have for travelers who are into their music and want the best audio experience out there.

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USB Charging Station

Charge everything at once with this USB charging station that fits in any bag or carry-on and makes a perfect gift for a techy traveler.

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Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter

Convert your power no matter where in the world you are. This is a great gift for travelers just starting out, or expert travelers who need an upgrade.

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Packing Cubes from TravelWise

We can’t live without packing cubes, so we recommend getting a set of them as a gift for the travelers in your life. Keep all of your stuff organized in your luggage.

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Topo Designs 30L Travel Bag

One of our favorite features of this backpack is the snag-proof zippers. It’s hard to believe, but this makes all the difference.

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Sony Zeiss 55mm F/1.8

This is one of the best super-sharp lenses for Sony. A must-have for Sony Alpha shooters.

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Small Expandable Knack Pack by Knackbags

This backpack (see our review of it) is geared toward remote workers, especially anyone who’s on the go and ready for a weekend trip. This backpack is expandable and every detail is thought-out for someone who wants to be ready to prop up a laptop for work.

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Last updated on March 28th, 2022