Packing and choosing what to wear on a trip is always something that we’ve tried to improve upon through the years, and a lot of what’s important during travel is the arsenal of travel clothes you brought.

In recent years, we’ve been interested in the merino wool trend for travel clothes. What’s all the hype about merino wool? What’s it like? Could it be good enough for making a zip-up hoodie to wear on a plane or a long car ride?

When we pack for a trip, we consider the versatility of every article of clothing. We think about if it’s something that can be worn for several types of occasions and with several outfits.

That’s why we review lots of travel gear, showing how we put new and cool travel products to the test while we’re on the road. We think a lot about things we can wear and pack for when we’re working remotely and traveling.

It’s what brought us to reviewing the First Class Merino Hoodie from Aviator.

In the past, we’ve made lots of mentions of Aviator’s products in our roster of the best travel pants for men. Aviator is a brand that takes the needs of travel into account when they design their products.

Having known about Aviator jeans, we were eager to explore Aviator’s additional products, and something we ALWAYS have with us on a trip is a zip-up hoodie.

Aviator designed their hoodie with style and function, so at first glance, it looks like a cool and chill garment that doesn’t look doofy and won’t dress down an outfit too much.

As we get into the specifics about the Aviator merino hoodie for both women and men, check out these main questions we’re answering so that you can learn more about this important piece of travel gear.

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What does the Aviator travel hoodie feel like? (Is it soft?)

Yes, it’s pretty soft. This merino wool travel hoodie is 100% merino wool, and it’s regarded as breathable and ultra-soft. It isn’t itchy at all, it feels pretty smooth, as far as fabrics go, and it’s not terribly heavy or bulky.

Aviator is proud of sourcing its merino wool from New Zealand. This is because the wool is ethically-sourced, as New Zealand has strict rules surrounding the protection of sheep and any harmful practices of sourcing sheep’s wool.

Other types of wool might be scratchy or rough. This is the perception of wool I had from childhood, saying no to wool sweaters and wool socks.

Merino wool is different. It’s more delicate and soft to the touch, tightly-woven and natural-feeling.

It also dries very fast and is moisture-wicking.

Is a merino wool sweatshirt worth it?

A merino wool sweatshirt is not like a regular cotton sweatshirt.

Because of how it has more weight, yet is also more delicate, it looks a bit more put-together than a regular cotton sweatshirt like the ones we have from H&M or American Apparel.

Cotton sweatshirts look like you can wear them to the gym, but a merino wool sweatshirt looks like I can wear it out to dinner with a blouse underneath and it’s okay.

So, having a merino wool sweatshirt is like a classy travel sweatshirt. It can be kind of dressed up, and completely dressed down.

I would wear this sweatshirt on a plane, and then out to a casual bar while on a trip.

It’s worth it if you’re looking for a unique material that will be antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating and very soft.

Is this a nice-looking travel sweatshirt?

Yes, for sure. We both like how it looks and feels for both women and men. Between us, I have the women’s Aviator merino hoodie in gray, and Dan has it in black.

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It’s a very agreeable article of clothing that we like to have in both our bags during travel.

What are the cool travel comfort features of the Aviator travel hoodie?

I was surprised to find that for both women and men, this hoodie has a few unique features that I haven’t seen in other sweatshirts.

For one thing, it has a built-in face mask in case you want to have your eyes covered during a snooze on an airplane, car, train, bus or boat ride. By this I mean that the hood is oversized and doubles as a face mask by pulling it down over your eyes.

There’s also a mitten feature, and I was surprised to find this in both the men’s and women’s versions (which are the same, aside from the sizes and fits). With a fold-over mitten, you can keep your hands warm during a cold flight, or cover your hand in case you don’t want to touch a doorknob somewhere dodgy.

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There’s also a thumb hole for pulling the cuff down over your hand. Some people like this look. It can keep you warmer if you’re spending time somewhere a little bit chilly.

Lastly, the exterior pockets have durable zippers. This is a nice feature on a sweatshirt, especially during travel, when you never know what you’ll need to keep in your pockets (napkins, a credit card, a hotel room key, you name it).

Typical hoodies don’t have zipper pockets, so this is added value for convenience and security in your clothes when you’re on the road.

We suggest checking out all these surprising functions in the photos on the product page at Aviator’s website.

Is the Aviator travel hoodie packable and compressible for packing?

Yup! It’s easily packable, compressible and foldable for packing, and because it’s a slimmer material than cotton, it packs down pretty small.

When folded, it’s probably half the volume of a regular American Apparel cotton-poly blend sweatshirt of the same size. This means more room for other stuff in your luggage.

What kind of washing care does this merino wool hoodie require?

This is where you’ll probably want to take note that merino wool requires different care than your regular cotton socks.

For garments made of merino wool, the way to care for them is to wash them in cool water in a washing machine, and if you’re uber picky, put your hoodie in a separate delicates bag for the wash cycle.

Then, lay it flat on a drying rack or air dry it on a hanger. You won’t want to machine dry a merino wool garment, as it may shrink in strange spots, or wind up with holes.

Any downfalls of this merino wool travel hoodie?

The only pitfall of the Aviator First Class Merino wool hoodie is that Aviator intended for it to be a heavier weight of merino wool when compared to their original hoodie (the Red Eye hoodie), but it’s not all too warm.

I was wearing my hoodie on a breezy dock during our trip to Montauk, NY, in the Hamptons and I was feeling the wind come through the build of this hoodie.

What I would say is a good use case for this travel garment is to consider it like a light layer, or a layer to build into a windbreaker or coat.

What I do like about it is that the arms aren’t too tight, so you can fit another shirt under this hoodie, despite it feeling quite slim and lightweight, and you don’t have to get annoyed by your sleeves ruffling up in your armpits.

How to get the Aviator First Class Merino Hoodie for men or women

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Last updated on July 12th, 2021