In my extensive research of the best fanny packs for travel, I found that lululemon’s belt bag fanny pack is not only inexpensive, but it’s great quality and cute to wear.

In this Everywhere Belt Bag review, learn all about this lululemon waist pack and crossbody bag that everyone seems to have. Find out if it could be your newest little favorite for toting the day’s essentials and if it’s worth the price.

Read on, about the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag and make sure to peruse my photos to see how it looks when I use it.

What is the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag?

The lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is lululemon’s answer to a versatile day bag worn close to the body that fits daily essentials, whether I’m heading to the supermarket or taking a road trip out to the mountains. Since getting mine, I have seen people all over the country using it and wearing it on a day-to-day basis.

I started wearing waist packs (first a vintage Eastpack one, and then a LeSportSac fanny) in my early travel days, finding that having my passport, phone, wallet and keys positioned at my hips was comfortable and functional.

As belt bags became more popular in the last few years, there are now tons of them on the market from a variety of brands. You’ll find the lululemon belt bag in my list of the best travel fanny packs.

You may be surprised, like I am, at how “comparably” inexpensive the lululemon belt bag is. It’s made of perfectly quality materials (mesh and lining from 100% polyester and body from 100% nylon) and looks great with outfits in all seasons. It has two basic zipper compartments and an adjustable strap. The 2L version is priced only a little higher than the classic 1L version.

I find that I can wear it in an athletic format, or with travel clothes like my top-notch lululemon pocket leggings and a hoodie like my merino wool Aviator sweater.

How to wear the Everywhere Belt Bag

As someone with narrow shoulders who is also prone to getting a sore back, I have found that a crossbody belt bag is perfect for me. I own an assortment of belt bags, from the Oversized 4-liter Canvelle Fanny Pack to the sweet little Kibou mini belt bag.

As for the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, it’s right in between at a happy medium volume, whether you get it in 1L or 2L. With the large 2L one I’m modeling in these photos, I find it to be spacious for my things, and it also looks appropriate on my petite 5-foot-two stature.

I wear it comfortably as a waist pack, and I find that the thick strap is very supportive. I also sport it as a crossbody belt bag, over either shoulder (but typically across my right shoulder so that I can reach in with my right hand).

I’ve worn it with the bag part itself across my front (to have an eye on my valuables), as well as across my back (maybe if I’m hiking and want the weight positioned there). You could also wear it across one shoulder (but I find this less comfortable).

Which sizes does the lululemon belt bag come in?

The Everywhere Belt Bag comes in two basic sizes, plus the smaller ripstop Mini.

Original 1L

The original 1-liter size is the perfect bag companion for walking around sightseeing or dashing through an airport after checking your bags. For me, it fits all my standard “belt bag” essentials.

Large 2L

The 2L size is double the size of the 1L, and still looks natural if you wear it at your waist as a hip pack. With the added volume capacity, I can fit a pack of tissues, travel-sized sunscreen, a granola bar and more. This is the one I’m modeling in my photos.

Mini (0.7L)

As a new addition, have you heard about the Everywhere Belt Bag Mini Ripstop? At 0.7L, it’s the perfect cutie mini belt bag to have with you on all your travels. It fits small accessories like a phone, keys, lip balm, hand sanitizer and a slim wallet or set of cards.

2.5L Belt Bag

The City Adventure Belt Bag from lululemon is 2.5L. If you’re looking for even more volume, check out this one.

Other sizes

lululemon is constantly debuting (and also discontinuing!) all types of products. If you peruse the assortment of belt bags hard enough, and order the items from “Price: Low to High,” you can find lots of opportunities for a steep discount and a sale.

Features of the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

I like the smooth exterior and the thick waist belt of the Everywhere Belt Bag, but behold, there’s more to discuss! See the features of this waist bag here.

Exterior zipper pocket & backside zipper pocket

The front-facing main cavity has a zipper that goes three-quarters of the way around, for lots of access to your things inside. The backside of the belt bag (the side that goes against my body) has a smaller flat zipper pocket that’s good for holding your phone or some cards. It’s nice for avoiding pickpockets while traveling.

You can see that inside, I’m using my flat Canvelle wallet that clips into any key ring clip.

Interior organizer pockets

The interior mesh pockets are where I wind up keeping things like receipts, napkins (anyone else?) and my lip balm.

Belt loop

Once you figure out your ideal strap adjustment for wearing as a crossbody belt bag or a waist pack at your hip, tuck the excess strap into the holding loop.

Water-repellent fabric

The polyester and nylon build is ideal for repelling water and moisture: helpful if you’re on a trip in a wet climate.

Is it unisex?

Yes, this lululemon belt bag is unisex. In fact, many lululemon accessories are! Having a unisex travel belt bag like this one means being able to share it with a travel buddy, partner, spouse or even your kid, regardless of gender identity.

How to buy the Everywhere Belt Bag

To get the lululemon belt bag, pick one up on the lululemon website. By purchasing directly through lululemon, you’ll get free shipping and free returns.

After doing some sleuthing, I found out that you could also buy it on Amazon, but you’ll notice that it’s priced a few dollars higher, and getting it from the lululemon website will get you free shipping anyway.

Is the Everywhere Belt Bag worth it?

If you want to sport the lululemon brand and have a stylish belt bag for trips out of the house (or out of the country!), the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag is priced at a mid-range level. You’ll find that there are belt bags that run cheaper, but lots of belt bags that are more expensive.

I think that at least for the 1L model, the price can’t be beat, especially because this one is likely to stay in style for many years.

Can you get it on discount or on sale?

I’ve found that lululemon is pretty good about having sales, especially on colors that are being discontinued, or are limited edition, or seasonal. If you don’t see a color you like (but there are so many!), then check back in a few weeks to see if any are on sale.

If you’re looking for a secret way to get a lululemon belt bag on sale, I recommend checking out the belt bags landing page; you may see some seasonal color choices that are marked down with discounts as much as 50% off.

What is lululemon?

lululemon is an athleisure and lifestyle brand that makes everything from best-selling leggings (some of the best travel pants for women), and athletic-wear to bags, yoga mats, duffel bags, backpacks, totes and hats. I could spend hours looking at all the products on the lululemon website.

I first heard about lululemon ages ago, mostly in regard to yoga wear. Since then, the company has exploded into selling all the apparel anyone could desire, to cool and minimalist accessories and shoes.

While I find that a lot of the products are expensive to begin with, I’ll detail later on how you can find the Everywhere Belt Bag at a discount or on sale, and you won’t even need a code.

As I’ll detail below, I’ve tried an assortment of lululemon products that I really like for daytime wear and traveling. For accessories, I’m a fan of the classic baseball cap and my handy Back to Life sport water bottle.

Other lululemon travel products I like

I have a select few favorite products from lululemon that I wear consistently, and they all work out great for when I’m on the go, or on vacation.

If you find that the Everywhere Belt Bag isn’t for you, I recommend checking out another lululemon crossbody style that I recommend in the best crossbody bags for travel.

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