You’re here because you’re on the hunt for a great new duffel bag for your travels this season. We’ve got just the picks for you, from all our favorite brands.

A duffel bag is a traditional type of luggage that has been modernized through so many great companies and styles these days. What’s great about a duffel bag is that you can just sling it over your body with a crossbody strap, or carry it with both handles. This makes duffel bags a versatile piece of luggage, when compared to rolling suitcases or backpacks!

We look for a few key features in duffel bags for travel, and this list is going to focus on quality, as no one wants a cheap duffel bag for a vacation.

In this roundup, check out the duffel bags we think are fantastic, from how they look, to how they perform when they get thrown into a trunk on a road trip.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 55L

The Patagonia Black Hole Duffel was the first bag that I took with me to travel for a year in 2016. I got it based on the recommendation from a friend and, wow: he was absolutely right.

This travel duffel bag is great. In fact, read my Black Hole Duffel review to see more photos about how it folds up.

The best feature is the durability. This bag has been tossed around in more luggage racks, hostels and trunks of a tuk-tuk than I can remember. Even after all of that, you can barely see any scratches or wear. All of the stitches around the seams and straps are still very well intact.

Get the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel if durability is your #1 goal. A feature that I didn’t know I wanted was its ability to fold up into a compact cube. So, you can pack the Black Hole Duffel and take it out when you have spillover from your main luggage, or when you plan to bring back more than you came with.

There are backpack straps, but don’t expect much support because it’s a duffel, after all (not a backpack). It also comes in a 40L size, a 70L size and a 100L size.

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

With incredible durability, this unbreakable duffel packs into itself, too.

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Peak Design Travel Duffel

Peak Design’s Travel Duffel is top-notch. If you’ve seen our Peak Design Travel Backpack review, you’ll see that the two are made from the same materials like a weatherproof 100% recycled nylon shell, a waterproof bottom liner and leather accents.

And gosh, what a bag. Every product I’ve used from Peak Design has reigned supreme for its durability, minimalist look, overall functionality and attention to detail. The duffel comes with two hand straps, one shoulder strap and a “handle wrap” for carrying heavier loads. It also can be worn as a backpack (although it is mainly a duffel).

The PD Travel Duffel comes in two sizes (35L and 65L), with the 35L being ideal for weekend trips or for a gym bag, and the 65L being useful for when you have heavy stuff, or when you plan to check luggage for a flight.

You can learn more about Peak Design at our Peak Design brand page where we go in-depth about the different products for travel.

Peak Design Travel Duffel

This minimalist and functional duffel has exceptional quality and features.

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Troubadour Orbis Duffle (30L)

This beautifully-crafted duffel from Troubadour is an award-winning travel bag made from durable recycled polyester with a vegan leather handle. It lives many lives, from being an attractive gym bag, a weekender or a longer-travels bag. At a total 28L of capacity, it fits a 16” laptop and weighs about 3 lbs.

The commendable features of the Orbis Duffle are its 12 pockets and dedicated laptop pocket that fits a computer up to 16.” To find all the pockets, you have to take a good look: there’s a zipper side pocket, a hidden front “slip” pocket, and phone and pen pockets, among others. Best of all, it’s got a trolley sleeve for getting that good stacking effect on top of your suitcase.

Troubadour has become one of our favorite brands for travel because of the exquisite designs of all the products. To see a more in-depth look at this sleek piece of luggage, head to my Troubadour Orbis Duffle review.

Troubadour Orbis Duffle

An award-winning duffel bag with clean lines and 12 pockets.

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Quince Revive Nylon Duffle Bag

If you’ve seen our Quince hard shell suitcase review, you know how serious we are about quality luggage that comes at an affordable price. The Quince Revive Nylon Duffle Bag is no different: it’s a chic duffel made from recycled materials that looks good and feels right.

A few of this duffel’s best features are its waterproof material and Nappa leather trims, along with two zippered front pockets and an included dust bag! It looks good carried by its top handles, or the longer shoulder strap. I don’t see this one going out of style anytime soon. The final plus is that it’s totally unisex and comes in four strong color choices.

Quince Revive Nylon Duffle Bag

Unisex and chic, this duffel bag is waterproof and affordable.

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Nomatic Navigator Collapsible Duffle (42L)

This 42-liter duffel from one of our favorite travel brands Nomatic zips itself into a tiny little carrying case. It’s an impressive product that can be packed into a suitcase or a backpack when you’re not using it for hauling your stuff during a trip.

We like that, at 42L, it has an internal zipper pocket, can be carried as a backpack or a duffel, weighs less than 1 pound and even has a sternum strap for use during carrying. The Navigator Duffel comes at a competitive price and has a lifetime warranty. What’s not to like about this one?

Nomatic Navigator Collapsible Duffle (42L)

This smart duffel packs down and compresses into a carrying bag.

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Halfday Garment Duffel

We became introduced to this luggage brand via my old friend Michelle, and when we found out that Halfday Travel (their name sounds like Half Half Travel, so we liked it immediately) makes a garmet duffel, we had to see it.

Halfday’s smart product, The Garment Duffel, is carry-on friendly and folds flat when you need it to. Made of water-resistant polyester material, it’s ready to carry a full suit or a dress (useful for traveling to weddings around the country), as well as three sets of clothes or outfits.

Want to see more? Check out the Halfday Garment Duffel product page.

Halfday Garment Duffel

Halfday's brilliant garmet duffel is a garment bag and duffel bag, all in one, for convenient travels.

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The Outdoor Duffle 70L by AWAY (70L)

From the company that made the first viral hard shell suitcase, as well as one of my original favorite daypacks (which I review at my Away Daypack review), AWAY has come out with a big outdoor duffel.

At 70 liters, it is a heavy-duty size for carrying lots of stuff. The Outdoor Duffle is meant to fit enough packing for a week-long adventure, and is durable enough to take camping or into the outdoors. The highlight is the material, which is a recycled abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant polyester that creates a simple design and high functionality.

The Outdoor Duffle 70L by AWAY (70L)

AWAY's high-strength 70-liter duffel is sturdy and durable enough to take camping.

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Bellroy Duffel (Patty Mills Edition)

This unique duffel from Bellroy, the company behind one of my favorites in the best backpacks for woman travelers, is traditional and rugged, ready for travel or just everyday use.

Highlights are its wide-mouth opening, good for being able to see everything inside, and easy organization, which is an important feature for me. The Bellroy Duffel has a detachable shoulder strap so that it can be used by its grab handles, and fits 30L of your travel things, in total.

By getting a Bellroy travel product, your purchase comes with a three-year warranty, so make use of it if anything should go awry with your Bellroy gear.

Bellroy Duffel (Patty Mills Edition)

Bellroy's answer to a travel duffel is classic and cool, with travel-friendly features.

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Quince All-Day Neoprene Duffle Bag

Quince’s All-Day Neoprene Duffle Bag has everything you could ask for in a travel duffel that also looks like an oversized purse or day bag. It comes in fun yet muted color choices, and looks good whether you’re wearing it with the crossbody strap or holding it by its elongated double grab handles. I was originally introduced to the brand via ttsheir luggage, which you can see in my Quince hard shell suitcase review.

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What is neoprene, exactly? You may have heard of the term from Quince’s neoprene belt bag in my list of the best fanny packs for travel. The neoprene from Quince is made of recycled water bottles, so it’s a good choice for an eco-conscious traveler. Inside the Quince Neoprene Duffle are multiple compartments and pockets, and the sides have snap-down flaps for a classic luggage look.

Quince All-Day Neoprene Duffle Bag

Quince's All-Day Neoprene Duffle has a cute and chic look, and is an eco-friendly choice.

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TOPO Designs Mountain Duffel

This fun and funky duffel from colorful brand TOPO Designs keeps everything protected with padding, and is big on pockets. It’s big enough to hold ski boots, in the main compartment!

The Mountain Duffel easily convertible into a backpack, so you can hike and camp with it and there’s no problem. Of course, it’s great for travel, with those heavy-duty YKK zippers that I really enjoy about all TOPO products I’ve tried.

TOPO Designs Mountain Duffel

Easily convertible into a backpack, this durable duffel has strong zippers and lots of compartments.

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Tom Bihn Night Flight Travel Duffel

The Night Flight Travel Duffel from the Tom Bihn brand is a top-notch piece of travel luggage that is sized to fit carry-on requirements for flights, so it’s ideal for a flying trip. It also fits under a seat as a personal item based on its dimensions.

Expertly designed with side compartments so that you can even take things out in-flight, this travel duffel has a handy pass-through strap, multiple grab and carry options, a squishy handle and eight “O-rings” for attaching anything you need.

Tom Bihn Night Flight Travel Duffel

With the strength and quality of Tom Bihn goods, this duffel will last a lifetime.

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Halfday Travel Weekend Duffel

As one of the more competitively-priced duffels in this list, the Halfday Weekend Duffel is an easy choice for its versatility and features. The top has a U-shape zipper opening flap, and at the side, you’ll see a shoe compartment! We have it in Marine blue.

For travel, it has a luggage pass-through trolley sleeve, a spacious main compartment that will hold all your packing cubes, mesh interior organization pockets and a zipper side pocket on the outside. I like that it folds flat for storage, so it fits it in our closet with all my other duffels, backpacks and suitcases (yes, it’s true!).

Halfday Travel Weekend Duffel

Moderately priced and perfect for a short trip, this duffel folds up flat for storage.

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AWAY Transit Leather Duffle

The AWAY Transit Leather Duffle is timeless, professional, classic and chic. It’s the duffel that you could step off a plane with, and head right to a business meeting with it, like for a one-day business trip.

AWAY’s leather duffel is made from ECCO DriTan™ leather and 100% recycled polyester canvas, fits 26L of packed items and weighs 4 lbs when empty. It fits a 13” laptop, has a Trolley sleeve to attach to a suitcase and clocks in perfectly at carry-on size for your flight.

The Transit Leather Duffle by AWAY

The most classic and chic leather duffle for elegant travel days.

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lululemon 16L On My Level Barrel Duffel

I rated this compact 16L “barrel” duffel as a road-trip accessory bag, for being lightweight and having handy flat inside zip pockets in addition to mesh ones. Maybe this product is the duffel bag in this list that’s not really the #1 travel-forward duffel, but all that matters is that it holds my stuff, I’m taking it when I go away and it’s from a brand I trust for style and quality (LLL).

While this duffle bag doesn’t have the travel features you see in others in this list (like a luggage trolley sleeve) or tech organizer panels, I pack this one with weekender gear or take it as a replacement of a backpack to hit the pool, gym or beach while on a trip.

I like the zippers that glide well, as well as the added touch of an elastic band that holds the adjustable strap together neatly. Want to know more? I have a set of photos at my lululemon On My Level Barrel Duffle review.

Public Rec Pro Weekender

The Public Rec brand is an athleisure company that we like for when we’re working remotely or traveling. The company’s Pro Weekender travel bag is geared toward traveling professionals and it’s a lightweight duffel (only 2.6 lbs) with some boxy structure. Dan took it to California and wrapped up the experience in this Public Rec Pro Weekender bag review, where you can see all the details and photos he took.

The Pro Weekender Duffel has a side shoe compartment, a 30-liter capacity, external and internal pockets, water-resistant fabric and three ways to wear it. Dan noted that the shoe compartment was the most useful, as were the exterior zipper pockets, during airport security.

Public Rec Pro Weekender

Moderately priced and perfect for a short trip, this duffel folds up flat for storage.

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Filson Small Tin Cloth Duffel Bag (33L)

Filson products will be with you for life, and that’s how I feel about my Filson products. The Filson Small Tin Cloth Duffel Bag has a 33-liter capacity and is made of high-quality waxed cotton. It’s ideal for overnight trips, as it expertly protects your stuff and has a removable strap.

The leather grip and strong YKK zippers, along with the 100% cotton oil finish Tin Cloth are what makes this duffel bag one that you’ll have for decades. Filson doesn’t come cheap, and the brand’s quality stands the test of time.

Filson Small Tin Cloth Duffel Bag

Made to have for life, Filson's duffel is of supreme quality materials.

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Gregory Alpaca Duffel 40

Gregory products are made for mountains and the outdoors, and the Gregory Alpaca Duffel 40 is one of the more outdoorsy duffels in this list. It’s made from recycled polyester, so it’s water-resistant (hikes can get rainy!) and even comes with its own packing cube for organization.

One highlight I have to mention is the “dirty gear compartment,” which helps keep soiled clothes and shoes separate from clean items in the rest of the duffel. Smart!

Gregory Alpaca Duffel 40

The 40L Gregory Alpaca Duffel is meant to be an outdoorsy travel companion, with several hike-friendly features.

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