DUER is one of our favorite brands for high-quality denim. Their jeans, for both men and women, have a signature gusset that you have to feel to believe. We’ll just say that much.

For their other clothes, though, DUER rounds out their collections with ultra-lightweight shorts, joggers, tees and accessories, so that you can look good and be ready for adventure. We always reach for our DUER pants, shorts and accessories. Read more about our experience wearing the brand’s products in this review.

Where to buy DUER?

In addition to shopping online with DUER, the company does in fact have physical store locations!

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The two DUER flagship stores are in Los Angeles, CA, and in Denver, CO. As for stores in Canada, there are brick-and-mortar locations in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary. I’ve been to the one in Vancouver! That was where I bought my first pair of DUER jeans that I wore so much, I wore them to bits and had to replace them with a second identical pair.

What types of products does DUER sell?

DUER is not just a jeans company. In addition to jeans, DUER sells non-denim pants, joggers, shorts, tees, sweatshirts, jackets and accessories. For women, it’s mostly the same. The women’s line from DUER consists of jeans, pants, joggers, jumpsuits, tees, sweatshirts, jackets and other accessories.

We’ve tried a whole host of items from Duer, from the performance denim to the No Sweat joggers that I list in this list of the best men’s joggers.

What are some of the benefits of DUER?

Benefits of the DUER brand come in the garments’ builds. What comes to mind immediately is the signature gusset in DUER jeans, which I talk a lot about in my reviews of the DUER Performance Denim and also the Fireside Denim Jeans for winter.

DUER fabrics also point to comfort and style, which I can attest to. My DUER jeans are flattering, look great, last a long time and stretch, too. DUER has created proprietary and unique fabrics for their apparel, crafting some timeless and attractive looks for men and women.

Some of our favorite DUER products

DUER Performance Denim

DUER’s Performance denim jeans are the jeans I wear on every trip we take. In my experience, it’s the “DUER signature gusset” that makes them so prone to getting worn out and splitting at the crotch (like other jeans I’ve worn to bits till they broke). You can see the length of my thoughts on them at our DUER Performance Denim review.

The DUER Performance Denim are the jeans I have in black. I wear them most days of the week, and Becca can tell you that this is the complete truth. I’ve worn them hiking and I’ve also dressed them up with a button-down, and they do the trick. These jeans do everything and I’m only on my second pair, in six years!

Becca also tried the DUER Performance Denim for women, and she was equally pleased. She has them in the Mid-Rise Skinny, and just found out that they’re now available in all sorts of styles, like the relaxed Harbour Pant, the Relaxed Girlfriend and the cool stretchy Kick Flare for women.

DUER Fireside Jeans

We’ve both enjoyed reaching for our DUER Fireside Denim when temperatures get really cold, or when we know we’ll be outside. You can read our full DUER Fireside Denim review to see the full picture, along with our tips on how to find your size and fit.

How have they held up over time? They’re top quality, just like the Performance Denim that I wear every day of the week, for the most part. The Fireside Denim jeans are super strong, with warm and soft material to line the inside. I have worn them when temperatures go below 40 degrees around here.

DUER shorts

Given how much I have worn my DUER denim over the years, it would make sense that I’ve headed to check out the company’s shorts for men. The DUER No Sweat Shorts are listed in my roundup of the best travel shorts for men because they have the same gusset the jeans do, of course! That gusset is my favorite aspect of DUER products overall, so I’m glad it has made it into the shorts.

Becca has also checked out the shorts for women from DUER. The women’s lines feature mostly high-waisted styles that touch all current trends women want. For travel, Becca likes the typically deep pockets that the DUER shorts have. Her favorite styles are the DUER Midweight Denim High-Rise A Line Short and the DUER Live Free Utility Short.

DUER joggers

Aside from denim jeans, DUER makes some comfy joggers. My recommendation if you just started looking into DUER’s joggers is to take a look at the styles and fabrics, because they can vary a lot.

For example, Becca has the Live Free High Rise Jogger, and she describes them like “kind of jeans, but with elastic at the ankles and waist.” I have the NuStretch Jogger, which feel soft to the touch, stretchy and athletic. So from here to there, DUER is making joggers for lots of occasions.

You can check out the DUER styles I’ve reviewed at the best joggers for men and the best travel pants for men, where I feature the No Sweat Joggers.

Where does DUER fall short?

In my opinion, DUER is a great brand that does not have too many shortcomings. The only thing I can think of is in terms of women’s sizing, for Becca, she found the tops to be quite large given the sizing she ordered, as she’s an XS across the board. The tanks and tees were too wide and long for her, given her petite size (she is 5’2”).

DUER has a lot of products, so while not everything is for everyone, it’s probable that you will find something that suits your needs. For example, I’m not in love with every pair of joggers that DUER makes, and I tend to be more of a fan of their jeans (which is why I keep buying them).

What is the DUER return policy?

I like that DUER has a 30-day return policy. In fact, Becca and I have used it, when some items came and were too big. We also used their exchange policy to return a few items, get the full value back on all of them, and then use the sum of them to shop the DUER site and try new products with the refunds.

Note! DUER has an extended holiday return policy for any products purchased between November 1st and December 24th. You can return or exchange these until January 15. Typically, all regular-price orders (which does not include “Last Chance” items) are able to be returned and fully refunded within 30 days.

Items for return must be unworn and must have original tags.