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Kick back by the Mediterranean Sea with falafel or lose yourself in the narrow alleyways of one of the most historically-important cities on Earth. Forget what you’ve seen on the news and dive into the nightlife scene in Tel Aviv, trying falafel and shawarma from as many food joints as you can.

Check out how four cultures share Jerusalem’s Old City, and then spend the next day floating in the saltiest body of water in the world. Israel is for everyone.

Explore 7 Travel Guides In Israel

  • Best Things to Do in Jerusalem (Local Travel Tips)

    Looking for how to visit Jerusalem for the first time? Check out this travel guide for our best non-religious things to do in Jerusalem, for any culture-savvy traveler.

  • Tel Aviv City Walking Guide

    Are you wondering how to see Tel Aviv in a weekend or more? There’s so much to see in this compact city, from its beaches to its historical sights, with stops for food along the way.

  • @Halfhalftravel Review of Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv, Israel

    Looking for one of the best hostels in Israel? Abraham Hostel has it all - a rooftop deck, a venue for concerts, delicious Israeli breakfast and tours galore. Check out our review of one of the best hostels in Tel Aviv.

  • How to Visit the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem

    Visiting the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock, which is one of the most important Muslim sites in the world, requires some planning and preparation. Here's how to plan the most efficient trip for your visit to this extraordinary cultural place.

  • Abraham Hostel Jerusalem Review

    If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Jerusalem, one of the most culturally-rich cities in the world, look no further than Abraham Hostel Jerusalem. This place knows what’s up!

  • Floating in the Dead Sea

    Israel is home incredibly diverse landscapes from the heights of the north to the deserts and seas of the south, and home as well to one of the world’s most fascinating environments - the Dead Sea.

  • Our Review of the Savoy Hotel, Tel Aviv

    Looking for some of the best hotels in Tel Aviv? The Savoy Hotel is one of Tel Aviv's beach hotels, so you get a view of the Mediterranean Sea from your room. Read our review of the Savoy Hotel, Tel Aviv.

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