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Try the dense and flavorful breads, the Baltic Sea fishes and of course, the strawberries.

Sandwiched between Estonia and Lithuania, and sharing borders with Belarus and Russia, Latvia is still forming an independent identity. Stroll the streets of Riga’s Old Town, which lights up at night and is full of music.

Stop by the coastline for some marine history in Latvia’s fishing culture and beaches, sought after for vacation not only by Latvians, but by Russians and others as well.

Explore 3 Travel Guides In Latvia

  • Things to Do in Jurmala

    We had some ideas of what we wanted to see in Latvia, but we were not sure how. We were lucky to have the chance to see some off-the-beaten path spots near the Jūrmala resort town on the Latvian coast, with a guided tour!

  • How to Get From Riga to Vilnius

    After spending four days in Riga, we were ready to see more of Latvia. We had a unique opportunity to travel with the Riga to Vilnius Traveller Tours Sightseeing Bus, which would take us from Riga to Vilnius with five stops along the way. This is tons more fun than taking a standard four-hour bus for the same journey.

  • The Best Way to Get From Tallinn to Riga

    We traveled to Riga from Tallinn on the Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus, the best way to get from Tallinn to Riga in one day while also seeing some of the most famous sights in both Estonia and Latvia! We never would’ve had the chance to see this many places in between the two cities on our own.

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