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Travel to Peru


Famed for Machu Picchu and its Incan ruins, there’s much more to Peru than meets the eye. Sit back with a drink and watch the sunset from the Pacific cliffs of the capital city Lima, and surf on sand dunes in Huacachina, from where the sand in your hair will serve as a souvenir for days.

Take the buses, so that you can stop by the Nazca Lines, and take flights too, so that you can see the Andes from above. Peru is hard to forget.

Explore 4 Travel Guides In Peru

  • 24 of Our Favorite Things to Do in Lima, Peru

    We've created a list of our favorite things to do in Lima! We put together a list of how to travel in Lima after our second visit to Lima.

  • Exploring Parque De La Reserva in Lima, Peru

    Where did we find rainbows in Lima? We stayed in the city's Parque de la Reserva after the sun set, when all the fountains are illuminated with rainbow lights.

  • Huacachina Sandboarding & Riding Dune Buggies in Peru

    Going sandboarding in Peru is what we thought was a once-in-a-lifetime experience - that is, until we both did it twice! After going sandboarding and dunebuggying, watching the sun set from the top of a dune in the Peruvian desert is awesome!

  • Visit Barrio Chino in Lima

    Lima's Chinatown (known as Barrio Chino) is an interesting mix of cultures, and has a history that dates to the 1860s. We explored the options for eating and found chifa cuisine in a back alley of Calle Capon.