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Myanmar (Burma)

The most undiscovered and alternative of any country in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (Burma) provides a genuine travel experience to travelers who want to get lost among ancient pagodas, lake villages and urban chaos.

Explore 4 Travel Guides In Myanmar (Burma)

  • Everything You Need to Know About Inle Lake

    Plan an itinerary for Inle Lake with our best tips and things to do, including how to get around Inle Lake, what to see at Inle Lake and the best activities. See our 2-day, 3-day and 4-day itineraries for planning a trip.

  • 21 Tips for Taking a Trip to Bagan

    Bagan is a must-see destination during a trip to Myanmar. We'll answer which temples can you still climb in Bagan, where to go for the best sunset and sunrise spots in Bagan (after the climbing ban) and the best ways for how to get around.

  • The Best Travel Tips to Know Before Traveling to Yangon

    You can explore Yangon with a one, two or three-day itinerary and it's not hard to visit all of the best markets, temples, landmarks and sights to see, along with some of the best food and cafes.

  • Things to Know Before Traveling to Myanmar (Burma)

    What's it like to travel or go backpacking in Myanmar (Burma)? Here's what to know for how to prepare for a trip to Myanmar with our travel tips, itineraries and ideas for what to pack.

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