Every month during our Remote Year experience, we’re holding a meetup in order to meet locals, expats, travelers and photographers. This month, we hosted our Medellin meetup at the Jardin Botanico of Medellin. We really enjoy hosting meetups because they’re a way for us to connect in person with people who have similar interests, and we all get to exchange travel tips and stories.

This @halfhalftravel monthly meetup attracted mostly expats, due to where and how we publicized the event. This was pretty cool, because we got to meet travelers and expats from Australia, France, Germany, Canada and Israel. Some of us hit it off so well that we spent the rest of the evening together getting drinks and Colombian finger food (think chicharron and empanadas) at El Social Tienda Mixta #2 in El Poblado, near where we live.

Green plants from the Medellin Botanical Garden Big lizard at the Medellin Botanical Garden Close up of a big aloe plant

During the hours we spent at the Jardin Botanico - which, by the way, is free! - we walked through the jungle section and the desert plant life section, both of which have spectacular species native to different biomes. One surprise along the way was the large iguana that peeked out from some grass and proceeded to awe us with its climbing skills. He was pretty photogenic.

Big lizard at the Medellin Botanical Garden Big lizard at the Medellin Botanical Garden

If you’re thinking of traveling in Medellin, check out our 2-day guide. Also, visiting the Jardin Botanico is a great way to see an oasis within the city. We’d like to thank everyone for coming out for the meetup!

✌️ Becca & Dan

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