Imagine being a guest on your favorite podcast.

That is what happened to me, when I recorded with Joel and Matt of the How to Money podcast, my #1 favorite podcast that I listen to three times a week.

Before I get into my recap, here are a few important links:

The recording

Joel and Matt were super friendly when I first got on video and audio for the recording session. Because I’ve been listening to their podcast for years, I felt like I knew them both already (but they didn’t know me).

I think that soon changed, as we got into some introductions and then the nitty gritty of what they wanted the podcast to be, content-wise.

The topics

Like any good podcast, we talked about a few topics that fell under my umbrella of expertise.

Working remotely and travel

  1. First, Joel and Matt asked about my and Dan’s story. I often tell this story when I’m on podcasts, and it depends how long or short I make it. Basically, I detailed how we started the Half Half Travel brand, first as an Instagram account, and then a travel blog and how Dan’s Remote Year trip inspired us to take our around-the-world trip to work remotely.
  2. Digital “nomadism:” Joel and Matt asked me about how we were able to work remotely and travel. It’s a valid question, because this happens so differently for everyone. They also wanted to know if “nomading” has gotten easier, or harder, over the years. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what I said.
  3. Downsides of living abroad: if you’ve read my piece on how living abroad changed my life, you know I loved living abroad the three times I’ve done it. But I really miss holidays at home with family, and being transient is hard.
  4. Finding remote work abroad! This is a multi-faceted question that I went to great lengths to explain. Networking while working remotely is possible, yet it’s a challenge.

Travel hacks

  1. Traveling for less: this is my favorite, of course. I talked all about those best affordable travel destinations and tips for traveling super cheap that have let me travel longer.
  2. Planning travel: do I plan every moment, or wing it? Have I changed throughout the years? (Listen to the episode to hear the answer!)
  3. Credit cards, points and miles: Joel and Matt have a great deal of experience in this area. I mentioned a few cards that have gotten us some miles and free flights or hotel stays in recent years.

Wrapping up

  1. Traveling with a baby: Maybe this is my newest area of expertise. I’m still not sure! I went through a few scenarios we’ve experienced in our first year of traveling domestically and internationally with our daughter.
  2. Baby traveling tips: I went right to mentioning my toddler packing list with medical essentials. I also discussed my “goals” for us when we’re traveling with our little one, and how that has changed since traveling was only us.

Some things I kept mentioning

You know you love something when you mention it once, twice and then three times.

Throughout my conversation with Joel and Matt, I felt like I kept mentioning my and Dan’s month-long trip in Merida, Mexico, as well as our most recent adventure abroad, to El Retiro and Medellin, Colombia, as a family.

Joel and Matt also asked me about cash, currency, credit cards and of course, money topics like spending and ways to save. I brought up all my best practices for how to save money while traveling and helpful travel money tips like never exchanging money at an airport.

To conclude…

I really enjoy being on podcasts (you can see all the ones I’ve been on at our About Us page), and being the weekly guest on an episode of HTM was a fantastic experience.

Joel and Matt have amassed an incredible audience over the years with their podcast and Facebook community, and I have a lot of respect for how hard they’ve worked to bring people together, as well as continue sharing new knowledge.

I hope you’ll listen to this episode, which is available on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.