Hey, we’re live! We’re on this week’s Just Go! network podcast talking all things Remote Year, remote work and travel hacks with Cyd and Marc.

Cyd and Marc are avid travelers who run a weekly podcast. They found out about our story and thought it was special that we’re traveling with Remote Year as a couple. We picked a date on which to speak with them and we booked the soundproof studio room where we could get complete quiet while being interviewed. Guess what - we had a ton of fun!

Working remotely and traveling

Cyd and Marc asked us all about how we wound up in Medellin for the month of October and how it works with Remote Year in terms of having coworking space, accommodation and community. We touched a lot on accommodations around the world, from what an apartment looks like in Colombia compared with one in Serbia!

Traveling on Remote Year as a couple

We are pretty grateful every day that we’ve designed the end of our year to be having the “digital nomad experience” together rather than apart. We told the story of how we met, and how only 4.5 months after our first date, Dan left for an entire year with Remote Year to work and travel through four continents. During this time, we survived long-distance dating, and it was one of the biggest challenges yet!

This fall, we’re working remotely from cool spaces like WeWork and Selina Cowork as a couple.

Our best travel packing hacks

Next, we touched on travel hacks for packing and our travel gear wish list. We like to emphasize usability of everything in our bags, from clothes to versatile camera gear.

We mentioned Peak Design bags for his travel wish list, and our camera gear, like Becca’s Canon 77D and our Google Pixel phones for taking quick photos.

Want to see our new travel wish list? We have it available on Amazon.

GOAL Traveler tip or challenge?

Cyd and Marc flipped a coin, and the outcome was tails, for a “GOAL tip” coming from us.!

GOAL Traveler x Half Half Travel bonus

We got to meet Cyd and Marc in person! We couldn’t believe that they live in New Jersey, not far at all from where Becca is from. When we visited home, we got to hang out at Boxwood Coffee and catch-up in real life!

Thanks so much Cyd and Marc! We had a great time ✌️❤️.