We were invited to a press event introducing Fujifilm’s newest product: the Fujifilm instax mini Link smartphone printer. We had a ton of fun taking photos, playing with the product and meeting new friends like @richardcadrouce, @erinanncullen and @styleinbeta, who I got to ‘wow’ with my Chinese.

We went into the launch event thinking we’d need to buy an instant camera or some other gear in order to use this travel-sized printer, but all we needed was any smartphone!

We wanted to share some of our thoughts about the new Fujifilm instax mini Link smartphone printer and highlight some of our favorite moments from the event!

Why do we want to print our photos?

Believe it or not, we haven’t printed too many of our photos. Having traveled for an extended period of time, we didn’t have the opportunity to display our photos anywhere. Now that we have a place that we call home, in Brooklyn, we’ve been starting to integrate our favorite moments from our travels all around our home.

After printing some photos together with the Instax Mini Link smartphone printer, we thought of a ton of reasons for how we could have used this type of handy product in the past and ways that we’re excited to use this portable photo printer in the future.

If only we had a product like this sooner!

We love sharing bits and pieces of our photography wherever we go. We don’t have business cards (we get asked for them sometimes) and instead, we opt to hand-make a special moment by which someone can remember us and our photography.

Printing our halfhalf images with the Fujifilm Instax Mini Link smartphone printer and handing them to people we meet is the perfect business card, in our minds. Having an instant print is also something minimal that you can give to someone (creative giving!) and we don’t have to worry about it cluttering up their bag or taking up too much space in their home.

Fuji was generous in providing us each with a Fujifilm instax mini Link smartphone printer. We’re looking forward to handing out our printed pictures and sharing memories with our friends.

This handy little photo accessory has an iPhone and Android app that easily imports your photos and then works by connecting via Bluetooth to your phone. Then, you can either take a photo on your camera, or go into camera roll and choose any photo taken in the past to print.

The app has cool photo editing features like fun filters and frames to add on to your photos. You can even print photos from your videos (we didn’t try this yet, but we hope to). There’s also ‘party mode,’ where you can link up with your friends and create a surprise photo collage that no one sees until it prints.

How was the NYC launch event?

We loved discovering all of the different experience rooms that were available to everyone. Becca always wanted to be taller, and she finally got her chance! The rooms tied in some of the general campaign branding and gave us some new content to play with.

As we entered, there was a colorful tunnel with real moving arms coming out of walls and welcoming us — some were holding phones, ready to take photos, and some were holding the Fujifilm instax mini Link smartphone printers. It was a friendly greeting, and not like anything we’d ever seen before, and it was funniest when one of the arms tapped an unassuming attendee from behind and he freaked out.

After hearing from leaders at Fujifilm about the exciting news surrounding the launch of this product, the ‘room’s opened up. The first had translucent colored walls in the center with blocks and mirrors featuring different parts of bodies that you could mix and match, putting your face on top. The next had instax-style photos, but the photos were made of sequins and you could brush them from side to side to create designs.

The third was a mirrors infinity room, where instax prints were hanging from the ceiling, and in the center of the room was a wind chamber where people got to search for a ‘golden photo’ as a fan blew around lots of photos as a challenge. The last was an optical illusion room, making one person seem big and one person seem smaller. Great photo ops all around.

You can get the Fujifilm instax mini Link smartphone printer on the Fujifilm Instax website. For film, it uses the Fujifilm instax mini film packs, which are sold separately.

We hope to be able to check out new and exciting products soon at launch events in NYC! If you have any questions about this product or other travel camera accessories, you can always contact us.