Networking as a digital nomad isn’t as difficult as it seems. There are lots of opportunities for professionals who work remotely, starting with coworking spaces or traveling with a digital nomad community and remote job boards.

Working at a coworking space like Selina or WeWork allows remote workers to network with other professionals in person. Next, traveling while working with a digital nomad group like Remote Year combines travel with a professional network.

Until I started working remotely from coworking spaces, I had never fully realized the opportunities for networking. There are many resources for digital nomads who want to network, grow their skills and make professional connections.

Whether you’re working remotely as a traveler or working from home, give networking a shot to expand your professional contacts with these tips.

Engage in networking in coworking spaces

One awesome thing about working remotely from a coworking space is the sheer number of talented people you can meet. At Comunal in Lima, Peru, I’d meet Peruvian locals at “Spanglish” language exchange events, and in Selina in Medellin, Colombia, I met the most interesting people while filling my coffee mug in the kitchen.

Among the professionals with whom I’ve connected in Medellin alone are a writer from England, a “mind hacker” from Israel, and a new friend from New Zealand who shares my love for East Asia. The diversity of those around me would keep me inspired from my first coffee until the end of my work day.

In addition to meeting Cowork members in passing, there’s always a chance to make in-person announcements. One night at Selina before one of our Remote Year group meetings, a guy who I’d see daily stood up and said, “My company is hiring a remote operations manager! If you’re interested or know someone who might be, come talk to the guy over here,” and he pointed to his friend and colleague. There’s no wrong way to get the word out!

Helpful Tip

Research coworking spaces near you and join based on your location, needs and schedule.

Digital nomad remote worker working on a laptop at a table with a mug and phone in coworking space

Find networking events for digital nomads and remote workers

At Selina Cowork in Medellin, I attended two events led by Cowork community members. These types of events are open to all Cowork members and serve as relaxed environments at which professionals can meet and learn from those who have a specific expertise.

After the talk led by Robert O’Kruk about freelancing on popular sites like Upwork and Fiverr, I felt compelled to reach out to him about editing some of his content and I even helped him for free. In return, we started emailing, and he offered to be my first client on Upwork. It was worth attending a short event that allowed me to make a professional connection.

Helpful Tip

Check out events for digital nomads or remote workers either near you or near a place you could reach, maybe coupled with a vacation. Sites like Remoters list digital nomad and remote work events all over the world.

Use digital nomad job boards to find remote work

Recently, we put together this list of the best remote work job boards. Remote job boards help digital nomads or remote workers search by field of work or industry, and either list 100% remote jobs, or ways to filter to see remote job listings easily.

Since becoming part of a nomad community, I’ve signed up for some digital nomad job board emails. Some helpful ones are We Work Remotely, Working Not Working and RemoteOK.

Using a site like FlexJobs is for those who want to find flexible jobs that might be remote or part-time. FlexJobs has postings aimed at professionals who are looking for better work-life balance, freelancers looking for new clients or streams of income and digital nomads who move around a lot.

With Remote Year’s community job board on Slack, I have access to job boards posts from the entire network of nearly 2000+ past and present participants of the program. Postings can be positions that someone saw in passing, positions at one’s company or self-introductions for job-seekers.

Helpful Tip

You can easily research the best digital nomad job boards and remote work job sites by setting aside some time. I suggest starting with FlexJobs or the other mentions above.

Digital nomad girl working on a swinging bench with a laptop in Selina Medellin Hostel and coworking space

Travel with digital nomad communities to work remotely and travel the world

In digital nomad communities, the diversity of skills and talents among members is incredible. I am currently working remotely and traveling alongside web developers, marketing professionals, technical recruiters, real estate managers, graphic designers and videographers.

I’ve enjoyed learning about all of their professions and also sharing my professional experiences, and I’ve also liked watching the connections being made.

For example, I’m seeing a potential contract job offer to the graphic designer from someone who needs graphic layout done for a book cover. Similarly, I’m witnessing website development hacks being shared and Spanish language skills being borrowed. It’s all so fascinating to witness, as our remote work network continues to grow.

Helpful Tip

If you feel that your budget, lifestyle and desire for adventure make you ideal for joining one of the digital nomad communities out there like Remote Year, read into available itineraries such as 4-month, 6-month or 12-month experiences, and you may find that your next trip could be one in which you don’t have to request time off from work.

Remote Year sign at a Coworking space in Barranco neighborhood of Lima Peru

While the idea of remote work may initially sound isolating, the truth is that by attending events and making connections through coworking spaces and remote work communities, there are so many people to meet and opportunities to be shared.

Last updated on January 24th, 2021