Dan and I are going on Remote Year! We’ll be spending the next four months finding out how to work remotely and travel in Peru, Colombia and Mexico. I’m excited to work alongside other creative minds and motivated professionals who come from varied walks of life as we discover how to work from anywhere while seeing the world.

Actually, did you know that Dan has traveled on Remote Year twice? The first time was on his own, for a whole year, during which we dated long-distance.

Remote Year is for professionals who’d like to take their remote jobs on the road and travel with a community. Growing professionally will take place in inspiring environments along the way.

How did I get here, and what is Remote Year? First, a few things happened.

Visualize how to work from anywhere

There are many types of work that traditionally have taken place in offices; however, some types of roles can be equally as successful outside physical offices. I realized that success isn’t defined within the walls of an office. Success should be something independent of a physical location, and this is where remote work begins.

Get a travel-sized laptop

Before April, I had a 17-inch laptop. I never used to take my laptop anywhere and used it only at home. I realized my laptop hardly fit in a backpack or bag whenever I wanted to leave home to do work elsewhere. It was nearly the size of my body. To solve this, I got the 13-inch Dell XPS and it’s powerful and lightweight. A laptop this small has allowed me to work from anywhere.

How to work remotely and travel

Last year I went to Argentina for a trip that was both for work and for fun. I worked remotely from a coworking space with Dan, and I also had meetings with some companies in Argentina as part of my job. I started welcoming the belief that work can be anywhere, and that my travels had positively impacted my professional experience.

Start a remote lifestyle

In order to start working remotely, I transitioned into a remote role with my company I’m finding out the benefits for myself. In order to complement the experience, I will be traveling with a community of professionals who also work remotely and want to travel and try new things.

Ready to join my journey?

Follow along with me during the next four months as I work remotely and travel with Remote Year, showing you the success and the challenges, the excitement and the struggles and above all, the adventures, in this Remote Year experience!

❤️ Becca

Last updated on July 27th, 2020