Bluffworks is one of our favorite trusted brands for so many reasons. From the brand’s wrinkle-free travel suit and dress shirts, to the travel-savvy fabrics in their women’s V-neck tees, joggers and summer dresses, Bluffworks is a company whose products we stand by, from years of wear.

Becca and I both own a lot of Bluffworks gear and with everything that we have, even after extensive use, they still look brand new. Most of my pants wear out and I have an issue with my shirts pilling. Those things don’t happen with Bluffworks items.

Aside from their outstanding quality, they have a wide variety of items to choose from. You can get a simple t-shirt all the way up to a travel suit. For their bottoms, there are pockets everywhere. Seriously everywhere.

Even the pockets have pockets.

Out of everything, my favorite products have been their travel suit and the Ascender Shorts. I like traveling with a suit so much I even wrote a guide how to pack a travel suit!

Where to buy Bluffworks

You can buy Bluffworks clothing directly on their website. They don’t have any in-person locations at the moment.

What types of products does Bluffworks sell?

Bluffworks started as a company focusing on men’s apparel, and now, in addition to MORE men’s apparel, they’ve also got a few years of success in women’s apparel.

In terms of what Bluffworks makes for men, I’m a pretty big fan of it all. I’ve tried the Bluffworks Gramercy packable suit, the Ascender Chinos, the Ascender shorts from the same Ascender collection, the Zenith and Meridian wrinkle-free dress shirts, the men’s joggers, Presidio Bomber Jacket and Gramercy Shirt Jacket.

In women’s, Becca has tried the Threshold tees in V-neck and crew styles, the Naha Joggers for women, the Trevi Trousers (which are now discontinued, but you can check out the Petaluma Ponte Pant instead!), Palma Chino pants and new Threshold Tie Waist T-Shirt Dress.

As for accessories, there’s more. Becca has also tried the Bluffworks pocket scarf, which is a cool accessory for travel with a surprising zipper pocket hidden inside the scarf itself. We both use the Bluffworks packing cubes, featured in our list of the best packing cubes for travel.

What are some of the benefits of Bluffworks?

Bluffworks products are expertly crafted and planned. Behind each article of clothing are the reasons Bluffworks made it, and why they want you to love it.

For example, benefits of the Gramercy suit are that its fabric is moisture-wicking, quick-dry, machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant and lightweight. Just the suit jacket has ten pockets (can you count them all?) and there is even a zipper pocket, great for holding anything small and/or valuable, while you’re traveling or at an event, for example.

What fabric does Bluffworks use?

Bluffworks now has a part of the website that focuses on their proprietary fabrics, so that you can learn more about them and the apparel pieces in which they are used.

Their current fabrics are Ascender, Gramercy, Presidio, Palma (for women) and Threshold (for both men and women). Ascender is a soft and wrinkle-resistant fabric used in chinos for both pants and shorts. It’s what I like a lot about traveling with my Ascender chinos and shorts when I take trips.

The Gramercy fabric is the wrinkle-free machine-washable fabric that comprises the Gramercy suit and suit pants. It’s great. I’ve taken my Gramercy suit across the continent to wear it for a wedding and didn’t need to iron it.

Presidio is a lighter fabric used for the Presidio suit, and also for the bomber jacket that I have. I like that it’s lightweight and crisp, yet also wrinkle-resistant.

Where do Bluffworks fall short?

Bluffworks falls short only in one aspect, and that seems to be sizing for women. For Becca, the petite XS and petite 0 sizes are still too big, a lot of the time, despite this being her size across other brands with no issue.

For men, I don’t see anywhere in which Bluffworks falls shorts. I’ve worn my Ascender shorts so many times that their color is fading, and every time I wear my Gramercy suit, I wind up showing off all its zipper pockets and wrinkle-free materials. Bluffworks is a brand I’ve enjoyed wearing since about 2019.

Where are Bluffworks made?

Bluffworks garments are manufacturered in China and Mauritius, at the time of writing, based on the Bluffworks products we have in our closet. This information is not easily find-able on the Bluffworks website at the moment.

What is the Bluffworks return policy?

Bluffworks has a flexible return policy, and you can always contact their customer support team via email. Refunds can be obtained within 30 days of receiving your products by mail, and exchanges can be done within 90 days. Sending back your items is free, and you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label if you wish to send back your Bluffworks apparel for a different size or for a return.

Note: exchanges can only be made for a different size or color of the same product you ordered. Also, items marked final sale are not eligible for returns.

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Last updated on December 2nd, 2022