I heard about Free Fly as a travel brand making bamboo material-adjacent clothes and was intrigued. By going to the website, I saw that most of the photos featured models fishing, boating and being outdoorsy. I couldn’t tell if this was a brand that I should pursue.

But that was before I tried the brand’s leggings, travel shorts and dresses. I became a fan, fast, for the bulk of what I tried.

In this travel apparel review, read on to see my honest opinion on Free Fly’s most popular products for women.

Key Takeaways:

  • Free Fly is a brand geared toward outdoorsy people, but their clothes perform for athleisure and general travel.
  • I find that some of the clothes run large, but some run true to size. I’ll detail this for each product in the women’s line.
  • Free Fly’s prices are kind of average when compared to other major travel brands, but as my top tip, you’ll often find season items on sale.

What I like about Free Fly products

What comes to mind immediately for Free Fly products is the fabrics. I was really impressed with the stretchy and strong fabric in the All Day Pocket Legging, which I call one of the best travel pants for women. The sweat-wicking material of the Reverb Shorts got me through sweaty days during tropical travels.

(In this photo, I’m wearing my Pocket Leggings, which turned out to be the best pair of pants I brought on my Colombia trip)

I wore my Breeze Pull-On joggers a few times in winter, and decided they are best for spring, or for a travel day, because of how hyper lightweight they are. I think in essence, there’s a time and place for Free Fly products and I have utilize the benefits of each.

What I don’t like about Free Fly products

There are a few products I tried that are wildly not true to size. I found this true in some women’s products, and Dan found it true for a few men’s products.

While the All Day Pocket Legging in XS gave me an instant perfect fit, like a custom-made glove, the Elevate Lightweight Tee was big on me (also in XS), drowned out my torso and did not flatter my body type. I gifted it to my friend Alex of the Alex and Ryan Duo Life blog, so maybe you’ll see her wearing it in some future photos.

Thoughts on some Free Fly Best-Sellers in Travel Clothes

I’ll give a summary on each women’s product I have tried from Free Fly.

Women’s All Day Pocket Legging

I give these leggings 5/5 stars. They fit perfectly the first time I slid them on, and they’re incredibly soft to the touch. I wore them on a flight from NYC to Florida, and they were outrageously comfortable the entire time. These pocket leggings are up there with my lululemon leggings and I think that says a lot.

I like the phone pocket in the Pocket Leggings, as a phone pocket is a crucial feature of travel clothes for me. I won’t wear anything that doesn’t have pockets, because I need to have my phone close (and secure) at all times. Overall, I am obsessed with these and they’ll be coming on more trips with me in the future.

Women’s Reverb Short

I’ve never owned anything like the Reverb Shorts. They’re a mid-waisted drawstring pair of shorts that has a unique sweat-resistant fabric. I really gave them a run for their money while walking around humid Medellin, Colombia, and I didn’t have sweat marks the entire time.

My only criticism of them, or maybe it’s my fault, is that I have trouble figuring what to wear as a top with them. I tried muscle tanks and cropped short-sleeve shirts, but I didn’t rock either look. I might need to try a skintight tank or tee next time. My Reverb Shorts rating: 4.5/5 stars.

Women’s Bamboo Heritage Midi Dress

I talk about this dress quite a bit in my list of the best travel dresses for women as it really is one of the coolest products to bring along on a trip. I like the flowy bamboo viscose fabric that hangs off my body without clinging to any part of my backside (this is important).

My only criticism is that it’s really a maxi dress, no? I’m short, so this fits me like a maxi, and I hope it’s as flattering as I think it is. For most women under 5’7”, it’ll hit like a maxi/midi hybrid. The best part of it is the two hand pockets at the hips. My Bamboo Heritage Dress rating: 4/5.

Women’s Breeze Pull-On Jogger

I have gotten into jogger territory this year with a lot of joggers I really enjoy, from brands like Public Rec, Paka Apparel and Nike. The Free Fly Pull-On Joggers feel just a little big goofy on me, and I think it’s because of the hyper-lightweight fabric, or because I’m short and they’re not the right length.

Irregardless, I find the fabric of these joggers to be really unique because it’s so thin, yet strong. The fact that they fold up so small makes them great to pack in a carry-on or even a personal item on a flight as a backup pair of bottoms. My rating: 3.5/5.

Women’s Bamboo-Lined Breeze Short

These lined shorts come in three lengths: 2, 4 and 6 inch. These have a more athletic feel to them, probably because of the lining (which is something I really appreciate when shorts are short, and loose at the thighs).

I first tried these shorts in white, and they were borderline see-through, so that was a few strikes against them; however, I’m seeing the white was discontinued, so any of the mid to darker-hued Breeze Shorts should be good in the future. I wound up getting a replacement in Navy Blue (Blue Dusk II, as the website says). My rating: 4/5.

Free Fly Women’s Elevate Lightweight Tee

This is the stretchy and quick-drying top I tried from Free Fly, and it is a best-seller. While it looks great on the model on the website, I tried it in XS, which is my size across most brands I wear, and it was NOT flattering. It was big, baggy and the wrong shape for me. It runs big.

What I learned is that Free Fly’s tops might not be for me, and that is OK! I gave my Elevate Tee to my friend Alex, and she immediately wore it out for the day when we were walking around El Retiro, Colombia, on my trip there.

For not fitting true to size, I give this one 2/5 stars (but I think you’ll fare better), but I chose to include it in my list of the best travel shirts for women because it packs down so slimly in luggage.

Women’s Breeze Dress

The Breeze Dress runs big on me, but not overly big. Because I’m short, I think it runs a dab too long, but if I were taller, I’d like the fit a lot. The fabric is incredibly lightweight, meaning this dress packs down super tiny into a packing cube.

My #1 favorite aspect of it is that it has a hidden zipper pocket for something like a hotel room key, credit card, coins or cash. I was really glad to find this pocket, and it made it feel like a true travel dress. Because of how airy and weightless it feels, it also is a good poolside dress or outfit for going out boating.

Bamboo Heritage V Neck Tee

I think “Heritage” is my favorite Free Fly fabric, the V-Neck Tee is soft, and feels like I’ve owned it forever. In trying this one on, I found that it ran a bit oversized, or that it ran big, at the very least. It hung off my shoulders and torso a bit too loosely, so while I like the idea of this shirt, I wish it fit me and there were no smaller sizes.

Embroidered Logo Tee

I’m into oversized semi-cropped tees for spring and summer, and the Embroidered Logo Tee fit me on the first try. It’s loose and lightweight, and I currently don’t have any other tie-dye in my summer wardrobe, so I’m happy to have this one.

Elevate Lightweight Coverup

I am unfortunately too short for the Elevate Lightweight Coverup to look flattering, but I applaud this product for being lightweight, breezy and made from the same Elevate fabric as the tee. If you’re a smidge taller than I am, you’ll find that this’ll be perfect for days at the pool or lake.

Bamboo Heritage Tank

I wanted to try the Bamboo Heritage Tank because I could sense that it would have the same shoulder and chest fit as the Heritage Midi Dress, which I adore!

The Heritage Tank has a perfectly stretchy and breathable fabric just like the dress, and fits me from the waist up. Unfortunately, like most Free Fly tops that aren’t cropped, it runs too long to look good on me (but any women taller than 5’3” will have better luck!).

Bamboo Flex Pocket Dress

I wish I found out about this one sooner! This dress is chilled-out and incredibly comfortable, like it had been washed 20 times before I put it on. Like the other dresses and some of the tops from Free Fly, it hit the wrong part of my legs, but was worth a try. I do best with petite sizing, and Free Fly doesn’t make that yet.

Overall thoughts on Free Fly apparel for travel

Considering that I brought Free Fly clothes with me on my South America trip and it worked out brilliantly, I’d recommend Free Fly products (specifically my two favorite items, the Pocket Leggings and the Reverb shorts).

I think the biggest benefits are the styles, travel features and fabrics. My Pocket Leggings are thin yet strong, and have two hip-thigh pockets for valuables. This worked great for when I was on a flight.

The Reverb shorts have slit pockets for hands, a comfy tie waist and the moisture-wicking fabric that kept me from feeling sticky from my sweat in Medellin. I look forward to wearing them on more hot-weather trips, and you’ll see them in my list of the best travel shorts for women.

My tip for ordering from Free Fly is to check out the size chart, and for the products that I mention run big, order a size down. Better yet, order two sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit right. Free Fly offers free returns and exchanges, on unworn items with the original tags attached. Take advantage of it!

Or, maybe you’ll be like me and give a Free Fly product that you really like (but doesn’t fit right) to a friend. :-)

Free Fly for petites

The best fit of any of the Free Fly products for petites, in my experience, was the Heritage Midi Dress. That’s because it’s actually a maxi dress, so if it hits you at your ankles, calves, or feet, it still looks good. For most other Free Fly products in the shorts and dresses category, the items run too long, in my experience.

I have had the best overall fit by FAR with the Pocket Leggings, which hit it home for me with 5 out of 5 stars.

Free Fly for men

Free Fly makes men’s travel clothing and activewear, in addition to women’s. I’m not sure which came first. A lot of the men’s best-sellers are in the bamboo hoodie, long-sleeve tees, shorts and joggers.

The benefits of the fabrics are much of the same: sun protection, sweat-wicking fabrics, lightweight materials and stuff that packs well.

If you’re interested, check out a product like the Free Fly Men’s Tradewind Shorts, for example, and the full men’s collection.

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