I’ve been wearing Canvelle bags for quite some time now, and I’m glad to report that everything in their marketing is true.

The bags have been super lightweight, which I like, as someone who is short, petite and narrow-shouldered. I can’t typically support the weight of heavier bags (leather and other heavy materials) that weigh me down.

All my Canvelle products are stylish, and I even have been asked in parking lots while out shopping where my bag or fanny pack is from. They’re great travel purses and bags because of how packable they can be.

Canvelle is an online-only bag brand for travel, so it may seem like it’s not for real if you’re more into shopping in person. Here’s what to know about Canvelle if you’ve only seen the ads on social media.

What are the products like?

Canvelle products are made for travelers, like me. What I look for in travel bags are ones that are lightweight (so that they don’t weigh me down when I’m walking around for an entire day) and easy to wash (because you never know what can happen).

I think these are the two highlight features of Canvelle bags and products. I say this because Canvelle makes more than their viral best-selling fanny packs and belt bags. They make toiletry bags, bag organizers, backpacks and wallets, too.

What they’re made of: Canvelle products are made of “performance canvas” and recycled plastic bottles.

A few top features: all machine-washable, a water-resistant lining on every product and lots of smart pockets or mesh pouches.

I think I might’ve been an early adopter of the famous fanny pack, and it’s the first thing I grab when I’m going out the door, or on a trip.

In the review that follows, I’ll let you know about my thoughts on Canvelle’s products so you can see how they really turn out.

My favorite Canvelle products

Canvelle makes fanny packs, tote bags, sling bags, wallets and backpacks. I’ve tried a lot of their products and always have the same positive experiences. Here’s a rundown on a few bestsellers.

Fanny pack (and Oversized Fanny)

The Canvelle Fanny Pack was the first-ever Canvelle product I tried, and what I grew to like about it quickly was the number of pockets in this lightweight crossbody belt bag.

That’s right: I found this not to be much of a fanny pack because I’ve never once worn it at my waist like a bum bag or waist pack. For me, it’s been crossbody-style, or bust! I put more photos in my description of it at the best fanny packs for travel.

I like the look of the Oversized Fanny Pack even more. It’s like wearing a big (yet lightweight) bag of all my essentials, located right at my chest. I’ve used it while hiking, while on vacation, while on road trips and when I’m just out for the day driving. I have fit an entire water bottle in it.

Favorite features: key clip (for clipping onto my Canvelle slim wallet), zipper “overhang” on the Oversized Fanny to protect the inside contents from rain, the washability in my washing machine for cleaning and the back-side zipper pouch.

Belt bag

I tried the Canvelle Belt Bag next. This one has a slimmer shape, more like a slimmed-down rectangle, and it fits my daily essentials. I noted within a few wears that it barely weighs anything at all, so it’s one of the belt bags for travel that I take if I want the bare minimum of weight, but I want to avoid pickpockets by having my phone, wallet and keys close by and right under my nose.

While I don’t really think the Canvelle Fanny and Oversized Fanny look great on me as a hip pack, the Belt Bag is the one that I’m bound to adjust for my waist or hips, and wear horizontally. Having a hands-free travel purse like this one lets me be “hands-on” with my toddler. It’s also ideal for top products for solo female travelers, to keep valuables in view.

Favorite features: total lightweight feel of it, and more likelihood that I’ll wear it as a true waist pack, for convenience and security.

Crossbody Tote Bags in 5 sizes

I was excited to see that Canvelle came out with Crossbody Tote Bag, which is both a tote and a crossbody purse that works for traveling. When I first saw it, I though it probably came in one size, but it comes in five sizes. I’m a fan of the timeless style, minimalist look and the classy available colors it comes in.

So, I tried two of them. You can see how they look on me in these photos. I think because I’m petite, the X-Small looks the best on me, but the Medium-sized one definitely fits infinitely more stuff, like an entire sweater or a bunch of food for a travel day. You can see why it is featured as one of my top picks for women’s crossbody bags for travel.

Favorite features: Yup, lightweight again here, and I like the variability in “ways to wear,” which would be tote bag handle carry, crossbody carry or one-strap one-shoulder carry.

Wallets and Card Holder Slim Wallet

The Canvelle Card Holder has become a big part of my life. I put my car keys and house keys on it and that’s basically where I keep my driver’s license and my default credit cards. It’s pretty beat up now, so if wear and tear translated into how much I trust one little key holder… this is it.

I got the Original Slim Wallet at a pivotal moment when I was going to get rid of the wallet I’d had for years. I found out that the Canvelle Wallet fits right into the fanny packs and the sling bag like a glove, and can be hooked in with the key clip, for ultimate security when I’m on the road.

Favorite features: The fact that both have a zipper pouch. I’m done with wallets that don’t have zippers, as I keep stuff of utmost importance in there, after once losing a card that slid out of a wallet, when I lived abroad.

Sling bag

The Sling Bag looks pretty fantastic on the model on the Canvelle website. What I do like about it is that it’s like an ergonomic style, if I can call it that, and I like that it can be worn on your front, or on your back. I’ve worn it both ways. It has the same lightweight aspect that the fanny packs have, and the same adjustable strap for finding the best height and tightness to wear it at.

I’d be lying if I said that this bag was one of my favorites, because I’m still siding with the Oversized Fanny and the Belt Bag as my top choices. However, it’s worth noting that I got my mom the Sling Bag and she wears it literally every day, telling me all the time how people think it’s so cool and how it’s a style that knows no age! Anyone can look good with the Sling Bag.

Oh, bonus: There is also the Oversized Sling, which holds 6 liters of your stuff. It’s like a tiny little backpack. I think this one would do well for a travel day flying, or a hike.

Favorite features: The two ways to wear it. The Sling looks good whether it’s on your front, or on your back, and the triangle design is unique. It also holds quite a bit of stuff (like an entire book!), as my mom could tell you.


The Canvelle Backpack is finally here, and it’s just as minimal and lightweight as all the other Canvelle bags I have. I went a little nuts and got it in the Limited Release Black + White Checkered pattern.

It was made for travel with the trolley sleeve, padded laptop compartment (see the photo with my MacBook Air) and water bottle pocket.

If you’ve read my other backpack reviews, you know that a water bottle pocket is an absolute must for me (because I’m always drinking water when I travel). This one has a zipper-down expanding aspect that you can zip back up to keep the neat look when you’re not using a bottle.

Favorite features: Probably that it weighs only 1.25lbs. When it comes to backpacks, that is really light.

Weekender Tote

I took the Weekender Tote as a stylish piece of luggage when we took at trip up to Livingston Manor in the Catskills of NY. I tested it as a “stackable” piece of luggage by using the luggage pass-through sleeve on my carry-on suitcase. Here’s what it looked like.

I think the Weekender has a lot of travel features packed into one bag. It had a lot of space — so much space that I didn’t even use it all. It has a laptop sleeve, an interior pocket organizer with zippers and a key ring and it’s made to be a personal item for a flight. So, that’s true: after testing this weekender out for a road trip, it’ll be a good product to use for a flight day.

Favorite features: ample space for packing, versatile strap for multiple ways to carry it, personal item size, laptop sleeve and washability, of course.

Flat Pouches (Bag Organizers)

I use the Flat Pouches to clip into my other Canvelle bags like the Crossbody Tote and the Oversized Fanny, to prevent my “stuff” from blending into oblivion.

One of the downsides of being a travel bag addict is leaving my essentials in one bag when I take another one on the go. This means that I may have all my lip balms in my belt bag, and then I grab only a backpack to go out sightseeing. Oops.

The Flat Pouches help me keep essentials all together, so I can un-clip and re-clip. Easy. I’m glad Canvelle came out with these in their product lines because they top off the reasons to keep using the Canvelle system of travel luggage and purses. I can even fit a water bottle into the large flat pouch.

Favorite features: they clip into various Canvelle bags with a single movement, so my essentials don’t get strewn among my various day bags and totes. Plus, they’re flat, simple and washable with my laundry.

Toiletry pouches

I like that the Toiletry Pouches pack a lot in, and they look neat and tidy in my luggage. They come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

I think I’m often hesitant about packing toiletries and I double-bag them till the end of time because I’ve had some spills. With these, though, the interiors are all lined with water-resistant material and they’re wipe-clean, or machine washable. At first I thought, “Darn, they don’t have any additional organizers in the inside,” but now I know that if I have a spill, these will be so simple to clean and be like new.

Favorite features: the simple interior builds that are wipe-able or machine-washable to nip all liquid spilling in the bud.

Patterned crossbody straps

How fun are the Patterned Crossbody Straps that I’ve looped onto my Canvelle fanny packs? My favorite one has to be the Black Jacquard, which I like with either the black fanny or my oversized quilted fanny pack.

They’re a bit like a pattern pop for a solid-colored purse, so they spice up my look.

I also tried the “CANVELLE” black logo strap, which is less “loud” in terms of adding some texture and pizzazz to any of my bags.

Is Canvelle legit?

In my experience, yup: without a doubt. Canvelle products do just what they’re meant to, with no quality qualms from me, to date.

Like I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve gotten stopped multiple times by someone asking where my fanny pack is from. It’s Canvelle!

Are the products worth it?

I’ve put Canvelle bags at the forefront of the ones I use for travel, namely, the Fanny Pack and Oversized Fanny Pack. I feel like they just do a good job of performing as lightweight day bags that don’t bog me down.

I find Canvelle to be priced like other brands for minimalist handbags made of recycled fabrics. I think they’re well-made (made in the USA, in Denver) and I haven’t had quality issues with any. So, I think that’s the good news.

Where to buy Canvelle

I checked Amazon to see if Canvelle sells products there, and the verdict is that Canvelle does NOT have an Amazon store.

Therefore, I recommend buying all your Canvelle at the Canvelle site.

One other tip of mine is to check out the Canvelle Bundle & Save section. Here, you can check out “travel sets” which would be like a Fanny Pack + Slim Wallet set, a Fanny + Flat Pouch bundle or a Crossbody Tote + Wallet or Pouch. You can save up to $40 or $50.