Working with UNTUCKit

UNTUCKit is a clothing company that has developed shirts that are purposely intended to be worn untucked, rather than traditional button-down apparel that looks better ‘tucked in.’ Our challenge was to show UNTUCKit’s clothes for both men and women in a his-hers style. The real challenge are that we are different sizes. If you look at the finished post, you can see that Becca is taller than usual and Dan is shorter than usual. It was the only way to match up the shirts!

Capturing our new UNTUCKit shirts

UNTUCKit provided us with several clothing items each from which we could choose ones that fit best. We both wore our favorite shirt for our photo - a gingham flannel for Dan and a white button-down for Becca. In strategizing our apparel, we also planned to wear different colored pants for a balanced effect. We walked around the Brooklyn Heights promenade and each shot the other’s back-side, ultimately choosing a photo of Becca on the new pedestrian bridge leading to Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a photo of Dan on the elevated promenade that overlooks the Manhattan skyline.

Our permanent post for UNTUCKit was one of our most popular in 2017. What gave the photo its boost was the balance in color, the similar defined perspectives in each shot and the familiar locations that resonated with a lot of our followers. UNTUCKit was ecstatic with our work and re-posted our half-half shot to their Instagram.

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