Bilingual is Better

We’ve been partnering with Fluent City while we’ve been in NYC to learn some new language skills! Fluent City is a language school with locations nationwide in the US. The company has locations in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago and online! The mission of Fluent City is to make language classes trendy and accessible to adults who have busy work lives. To appeal to audiences in the young professional demographic, they’ve developed two catchy slogans that are printed on their tote bags, “Bilingual is Better,” and “Hola at me,” a play on words of the Spanish word for hello. Becca has been hard at work learning Arabic and Dan has been practicing grammar and learning more vocabulary in Spanish. We saw Fluent City as a relevant partner, because we like using languages when we travel, and with this collaboration we can share our love for language with our audience.

Sharing Fluent City’s message with Instagram

We provided Fluent City with photos taken in the Canary Islands of their branded swag and we posted Instagram stories spread out through the duration of our classes in NYC. Aside from sharing on Instagram, we’ve reached out to friends and family within our New York City network to share how much we’ve enjoyed being customers of Fluent City. We are both very happy with how the classes have gone and how their community has been helpful in relaying information.

Dan shared some of our photos of Fluent City’s branded materials on Unsplash and they’ve seen some great traction! We are so glad that we were able to promote their branding for other people to find online.

Fluent City Spanish 2 book

See the image on Unsplash!

Ready for a fun fact?

It’s hard to believe, but one of Dan’s Unsplash photos from Prague is featured as a chapter cover photo in Fluent City’s Spanish 1 textbook! This was a total coincidence and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Dan’s photo in print when we opened it up during our shoot.

Fun stats

We’re putting on our business hats 💼 🎩 to share some of the stats to date about our reach with our promotions for Fluent City:

  • Our stories for Fluent City have received a total view of 11,000+ views
  • Hours spent in Fluent City classroom: 2 hrs/week x 2 people x 10 classes = 40!

Fluent City discount code

In our ongoing partnership with Fluent City, we’d like to offer you 50% off of your next online class in Arabic, Italian, German, French, Spanish and English. Use the code HALFHALF50.

Learn more here, at Fluent City’s website.