Traveling with Away Travel bags

Away is a luggage company that has created an excellent line of suitcases and has succeeded in grabbing attention of Instagram users by engaging them with their attractive Instagram feed. In working with Away, we were sent two suitcases, and chose to order two suitcases of the most contrasting yet bright options available - “Minion” yellow and solid black. Our post would feature the suitcase itself by both of our sides on our next trip.

We took a side trip to Beacon, New York

With our trip to Beacon, New York, as a backdrop, we went around the town shooting poses with our two Away carry-on suitcases at golden hour. We got a variety of shots of ourselves waist-down with our suitcases, one in yellow, one in black.

Ultimately, we chose Becca with a backdrop of the depth at a wooded path near the Hudson River, and Dan up against an industrial-looking side of a house. Our final image melded together the two halves of our suitcases with a lot of contrast.

We had a lot of fun taking photos of our Away luggage. Here are some of our favorite shots from the photoshoot:

The Results

Our post for Away generated a good bit of attention to the selected product and fit the brand’s aesthetic of travel-oriented photos with a focal point on the luggage. We had nothing bad to say about the luggage itself, so we felt honest promoting a product we could stand by.