If I’m not sporting a backpack when I travel, it’s because I’m sporting a crossbody bag. I’ve always needed the design of a crossbody bag to support the weight across my shoulders, and, to keep an eye on all my things when I’m in a new city.

In this list of the best crossbody bags from trusted travel brands, I’ll help you get ideas for the types of crossbody purses out there, as well as the great travel features some of them have. I hope you find a bag that suits your travel style.

Troubadour Ki Crossbody in Bioleather

When I set eyes on the new Troubadour Ki Crossbody bag, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t real leather. This is such a polished crossbody purse. What I like about it is exactly what I like about the original Ki Crossbody in leather that I have, in black, as well as my other travel bags from the Troubadour brand.

My tip for this bag is to enjoy the unique and thick strap. It’s not like the straps on other bags, and that’s the point! In my opinion, this bag is the perfect one to have on a trip when I’m going to upscale events, like weddings or reunions. It goes with dresses, relaxed outfits or anything else!

Troubadour Ki Crossbody in Bioleather

This chic crossbody is stylish and on-trend, with high-class zippers.

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Quince Transit Quilted Small Crossbody Tote

The Transit Small Crossbody Tote looks like a tote, but instead, it’s an adorable mini tote with a cross-body strap. You can wear it both ways (although for travel, I always opt for a crossbody hands-free bag to carry).

Why is it great for travel? It lays flat and can be folded into a suitcase like my Quince hard shell carry-on, so it’s super simple to pack up. I can also fit it into a backpack, and pull it out when I get to my destination. Like everything from Quince, it’s highly affordable.

Quince Transit Quilted Small Crossbody Tote

This cute mini tote can be worn crossbody with a strap, and packs up by folding flat.

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Canvelle Crossbody Tote

More favorites for travel, from Canvelle, are here! I tried the Canvelle Crossbody Tote in a few sizes, like the cutie X-Small, as well as the Medium. What I like best about Canvelle products like my oversized fanny pack from the best fanny packs for travel is that they are so lightweight. Here are photos of the X-Small, followed by the Medium:

All Canvelle products are made of recycled plastic bottles that are turned into performance fabrics. So for me, being short and narrow-framed, and always dreading heavy bags, these lightweight choices are superb for travel days. There are LOTS of pockets and a key clip in these. Learn more about this brand at my Canvelle brand review.

Canvelle Crossbody Tote

This cute mini tote can be worn crossbody with a strap, and packs up by folding flat.

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lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag 2L

I like that lululeon products are simple and functional. I’ve always been a fan of the lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, and just like that bag, the lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag 2L is casual, with a back-side pocket and great zippers.

What’s more is that it has water-repellent fabric that makes me way less nervous about getting caught in an unexpected rainstorm with it. I can also fit my camera into mine, with the main space fitting 2 liters of volume.

lululemon Crossbody Camera Bag 2L

Perfect for fitting a camera during a trip, with great zippers and design.

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Topo Mountain Accessory Shoulder Bag

Topo Designs products are funky — take for example my Topo Designs Global Travel Backpack. Rather than the outwardly fat zippers like on most Topo products, the Mountain Accessory Shoulder Bag has concealed zipping on the two exterior pockets.

I think the design is super smart, with a way to keep all essentials close to my body while hiking or out sightseeing. Although the “crossbody strap” is just a cord, it’s adjustable and removable, and I think it makes this crossbody bag really unique (and unisex).

Topo Mountain Accessory Shoulder Bag

This high-quality crossbody from a brand I trust has a unique strap and unisex design.

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Cotopaxi Lista 2L Crossbody Bag

Everything from Cotopaxi is cool and outdoorsy, and don’t forget about how awesome their colorful products are! The Lista 2L Lightweight Crossbody Bag has an outdoorsy vibe to it, with a pretty flat design and a cord as a crossbody strap. This one is ideal for hiking, boating or doing things outdoors, as long as you keep it out of your activity.

Is it really lightweight? Yes, it really is! It weighs in at 3 ounces only, and somehow, even though it’s so streamlined and minimal, it has a 2L capacity.

Cotopaxi Lista 2L Crossbody Bag

A flat and incredibly minimal lightweight crossbody bag that weighs almost nothing.

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Tom Bihn Sidekick Shoulder Bag

Tom Bihn products are known to be unbelievably high in quality, and they are super durable, which is how I came to find out that the brand makes crossbody bags. The Sidekick isn’t “cheap,” but it’s made to last a lifetime with the Tom Bihn craftsmanship.

Highlights that’ll keep you sane during travel are the organizer panels on either side of the interior, strong zippers on the outside (with ergonomic pulls) and O-rings for tethering other pouches.

Tom Bihn Sidekick Shoulder bag

A well-crafted shoulder bag full of pockets, O-rings and zippers.

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Bellroy Lite Sacoche

I got to know Bellroy from my Transit Backpack that I included in the best travel backpacks for women. Bellroy’s quality is pristine, which leads me to the Bellroy Lite Sacoche, a modern and travel-worthy crossbody bag for both men and women.

True to Bellroy’s signature style, it’s made from super strong ripstop nylon that’s also water-resistant, which helps it stay lightweight. The main compartment is surprisingly big, and the entire capacity is 3.5L! Check that out.

Bellroy Lite Sacoche

A unisex lightweight crossbody bag that packs in a lot of volume.

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REI GO Crossbody Bag (Pacsafe)

I had to include the Pacsafe GO Crossbody Bag as the most anti-theft crossbody bag for travel, in this bunch. The best thing to highlight is the cut-proof materials used in the consruction of this bag, in order to protect against hit-and-run thievery like I’ve heard about in Vietnam and parts of Latin America.

There are zip clips, key attachments and RFIDsafe™ blocking materials, so this crossbody bag is a purse to have with you to avoid pickpockets during travel.

Pacsafe GO Crossbody Bag at REI

A highly theftproof crossbody bag that uses cut-resistant materials to protect valuables.

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LeSportSac Daniella Crossbody

LeSportSac makes some of the most lightweight travel bags I know of, and I used my LeSportSac waist pack for years, around the world! The Daniella Crossbody is made of recycled materials, so it helps me feel better about the environment. It’s full of zippers, located at the top closure, interior and exterior back side.

What I like about LeSportSac is that the brand has a signature style that never goes off-trend. Getting one of these crossbody purses to take on trips will serve for years to come, in my opinion.

LeSportSac Daniella Crossbody

Lightweight and timeless, this travel purse is made of recycled materials.

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The North Face Berkeley Crossbody

Made for adventures, the North Face Berkeley Crossbody from one of my favorite outdoors and travel brands is affordable and does its job. It’s a basic design, one that goes well with outdoorsy backpacks and hiking gear.

I like the fleece-lined electronics pocket that can also be used for keeping sunglasses secure and un-scratched. As a plus, it actually fits 4.75 liters of your stuff.

The North Face Berkeley Crossbody

With an adventurous design, this 4.75-liter crossbody bag goes best with outdoorsy gear.

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