I love packing! Really, I do. I like getting everything organized for an upcoming trip to an exciting place. My style is minimalist, functional and logical, with some added things that I might need, for fun.

My take on the best backpacks for women’s travel

For most trips, I take my green 50L Quechua front-loading backpack and a 20L Camelbak daypack. I bought the Quechua bag at a Decathlon in Shanghai in 2011 (to replace a blue one of the same model and size that came down with an ant 🐜🐜🐜 problem in the Philippines).

The updated model is available at Decathlon stores. The Camelback was originally Dan’s and I liked it better than my 25L Quechua of a similar size, as it’s slimmer and supports weight better. I don’t use the water bladder and use the compartment for other things. Both bags have held together in all types of environments and situations.

New addition: TOPO 30L Mid-Size Backpack

A new backpack I’m using is the TOPO Designs 30L Travel Bag, which I enjoy because of the big sturdy zippers and flat-lay opening. This bag is durable and good for a short trip, carry-on or weekend excursion.

Fanny-pack for travel day

I have a hack, and it’s my fanny pack by LeSportSac. I’ve found that having my passport, wallet, and phone(s) close to my body and in a place where I can always have my eye on them is key during a travel day.

If I’m wearing a fanny pack and it’s comfy, I may even keep it on during a short flight. During a longer flight, I can keep it on the floor under the seat in front of me, and snap it right back on when we land. I’ll be ready for passport control and customs in no time, with all my necessities at my fingertips.

These are some items that I can’t travel without:

What I pack for travel photos

For travel photos, I’m using the Canon 77D and the Pixel 2 by Google. I’ll use my camera if the weather is good and I know I’m going to be somewhere safe, and I use the Pixel 2 phone camera for everyday stuff and for adventure travel experiences like sand surfing in Peru or hiking in deserts.

I’m now obsessed with my Airpods for running, jogging and making calls.

I like paper printouts, and I make sure to print these things for travel days and emergencies: