For most trips, I take my green 50L Quechua front-loading backpack and a 20L Camelbak daypack. I bought the Quechua bag at a Decathlon in Shanghai in 2011 (to replace a blue one of the same model and size that came down with an ant 🐜🐜🐜 problem in the Philippines).

The updated model is available at Decathlon stores. The Camelback was originally Dan’s and I liked it better than my 25L Quechua of a similar size, as it’s slimmer and supports weight better. I don’t use the water bladder and use the compartment for other things. Both bags have held together in all types of environments and situations.

A new backpack I’m using is the TOPO Designs 30L Travel Bag, which I enjoy because of the big sturdy zippers and flat-lay opening. This bag is durable and good for a short trip, carry-on or weekend excursion.

These are some items that I can’t travel without:

What I pack for travel photos

For travel photos, I’m using the Canon 77D and the Pixel 2 by Google. I’ll use my camera if the weather is good and I know I’m going to be somewhere safe, and I use the Pixel 2 phone camera for everyday stuff and for adventure travel experiences like sand surfing in Peru or hiking in deserts.

To go with my Pixel 2, I have the Google Pixel buds bluetooth headphones for running, jogging and making calls.

I like paper printouts, and I make sure to print these things for travel days and emergencies: