I am, very unfortunately, a very light sleeper. My “light sleeping” has even gotten worse through the years as I’ve gotten older.

A few years ago, I realized I needed ear plugs for every night, to help put me at ease. I also wanted good ear plugs for travel, when foreign sounds make me slightly uneasy or make my ears perk up during the night.

At long last, I found Flare Audio from a referral in a Facebook group. I got my hands on the entire collection, and found that I’m an addict to Flare Audio’s line of sleep ear plugs, called “SLEEEP” (with three “E”s). Check out my thoughts and experience about those, here.

Brief summary about Flare Audio SLEEEP plugs

Before I found Flare Audio, I was using the more expensive type of ear plugs from the CVS pharmacy aisles. I was squishing them before fitting them into my ears, and replacing them every few weeks as recommended.

They don’t compare at all to the Flare Audio sleep ear plugs, though. The ear plugs from drug stores are flimsy, and they have to be squished and then stuffed into my ears. They did the job for me in my early years of ear plug needs, but they don’t stand the test of time.

Flare Audio ear plugs are different, as the memory foam is denser. The foam ends are round, instead of pointed.

Even though the shape looks weird, like barbells, I find that I don’t feel them at night. They’re like cool barbells for your ears, and they help me find my way into going to sleep for the night, as well as falling back to sleep after waking up from sounds like thunderstorms.

My experience using several different SLEEEP ear plugs

I have three sets of the Flare Audio ear plugs for sleep. I keep one pair in my toiletry bag, for when I’m going on trips. I’d have a tough time if I forgot them. Aside from being indispensable at night, they’re one of my favorite accessories for long flights.

I have two pairs at home that I keep on my nightstand. I use the Sleeep PRO, which has the memory foam tips and a titanium stem. I also have the Sleeep Clear and Sleeep Dual.

Among these different designs, I find them all the same in terms of the soft spherical foam ends. I don’t really feel them in my sleep.

Sometimes they fall out of my ears, and for that reason, I keep a backup pair on my nightstand. I often have to go searching for the one that fell out in the morning, and luckily, I haven’t lost any of my ear plugs over the years.

Thoughts after extended use

My Flare Audio SLEEEP ear plugs perform great time after time. Like I mentioned above, I have a pair that lives permanently in my travel toiletries case, and two pairs that live on my nightstand. I think I even have a backup pair hidden in my toiletries case because of how important in the best travel accessories these are for me.

They have continually blocked out snoring, strong rains and winds, bird noise and anyone else’s loud bothersome breathing, while I am trying to sleep. I credit them for helping me quite a lot with getting optimal rest.

One thing I haven’t done yet, but plan to do, is to use the replacement foam ends. All SLEEEP ear plugs come with one replacement set of end foams. And if you upgrade to SLEEEP PRO like I did, you get the carrying pouch included. This has helped me put away my ear plugs when I wake up, and then neatly take them out again.

Another accessory I’m using

I use the capsule carrying case in addition to the carrying pouch. It’s a good place to store all the replacement ear foams and it looks very nice.

In fact, if you’re trying to conceal that you use ear plugs at all, using the capsule carrying case makes it look like you travel with vitamins, or a tech accessory. The capsule case is sleek, modern and minimal, and hardly noticeable.

Are they worth it?

The first (of many) people I recommended Flare Audio sleep ear plugs to was my friend who was dealing with insomnia and was also expecting a baby. I said, You’ve gotta try Flare Audio. It changed my sleep.

I recommended the entire PRO set to her, but noted that the original SLEEEP Clear ear plugs are super moderately priced — not much more than you’d spend at CVS, and the quality doesn’t even compare.

I guess it does go to show that sometimes you have to pay for quality for something usable, rather than disposable. And the CVS ear plugs are the kind you have to throw away because they’ll collect ear wax, dirt, dust and the like. They’ll also get bent out of shape and become unusable. The FLARE Audio ones maintain their shape over time and in my experience, they have held up really well.

I think they’re worth it if you want to try a new product to get better rest. I recommend them in my list of how to sleep better during travel and I suggest them among other sleep-optimizing products.

Where to buy SLEEEP plugs

My first recommendation is to buy Flare Audio products on the Flare Audio website. This way, you’ll get 100 day returns, free shipping and direct support from Flare Audio.

Flare Audio products are also available on Amazon at the Flare Audio Amazon store, BUT, I will tell you from personal experience in trying to refer the products to friends via Amazon, the Flare Audio Amazon store sometimes does not carry all the products.

The first winter I was using my SLEEEP ear plugs, I wanted to send them to a friend, but found that they weren’t currently being carried by Amazon at all. Only the Calmer series was available.

So in conclusion, if you don’t want to have to weed through all the products in the Flare Audio Amazon offerings and potentially see that what you want is sold out and not restocked, use the Flare Audio website directly.

More Flare Audio products to try

Not everyone needs ear plugs for sleep, and I’m aware of that. I also consider myself as being slightly on the misophonia spectrum, meaning that when I hear things like a ticking clock, or a fan that doesn’t have a steady sound, I “don’t like it.”

For anyone who feels triggered by common annoying or sporadic sounds, there’s the Calmer ear plugs to try from Flare Audio. I’ve considered using these on a plane to block out other passengers snoring and whatnot, but I usually just default to my SLEEEP ear plugs if I’m trying to doze off anyway.

The Calmer plugs reduce annoying noises, but don’t block out everything. I think of them like a “lite” version of the SLEEEP ear plugs, which (like I mention) I can’t live without. I also found out recently that there are Calmer ear plugs for kids, to make “spiky” sounds into smooth ones.

This can help reduce sensory overload and helps kids who are sensitive to a range of noises.

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