We went to Beacon, NY for a brief weekend trip from Brooklyn in early fall to get some fresh upstate air and go looking for foliage.

We were too early for foliage (we couldn’t believe it!), but we filled up our weekend with a chilled-out itinerary of food, sunsets and art.

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Getting there from NYC

You have two options for getting to Beacon. You can drive 🚗, like we did, or you can simply take Metro North from Grand Central Station to the Beacon Station 🚋.

Becca driving at night Night lights near Becca

Walking around town

We started walking around Beacon, taking in the small-town feel. Our first stop was the old train tracks that splits the town, right next to the Roundhouse Hotel, the most posh spot in town.

You may see a wedding party taking place here, or perhaps a photoshoot on the hotel’s grounds or near its waterfall.

Becca walking in Beacon, New York with an away luggage suitcase Old piano in Beacon, New York

Check out Becca’s Away Suitcase!

River sunset

By golden hour, we had found our way to Long Dock Park, a popular spot on the Hudson to watch the sun go down. This was a great spot for photos as well. The mountains were prettier to the south. Check out our sunset photos 🌆.

Bright red sunset at Beacon New York Sunset with a tree at Beacon New York Becca at golden hour in Beacon New York Dog Yawning at golden hour

Tapas and wine

We discovered the quiet and intimate Oak Vino Wine Bar, located on the main drag at 389 Main Street, for Saturday evening. The restaurant and wine bar prides itself on “farm to table tapas.”

They’re huge on cheese 🧀, but have some salads and olives, too. The bartenders and staff are really friendly, so be sure to ask them their stories about how they found themselves in Beacon.

Tapas at Oak Vino in Beacon New York Wine at the bar at Oak Vino in Beacon New York


One of Beacon’s biggest attractions nowadays is Dia:Beacon, a captivating modern art museum and space. You could spend hours here. We spent longer than we thought we would.

You can buy a ticket on your way in. Once past the cafe at the entrance, you’ll find yourself in what was once a factory, which gives the space lots of windows and natural light.

Our favorite exhibits were the ones with neon lights and giant metal things. There’s some wacky exhibits having to do with negative space, video, furniture, broken glass and more traditional paint on canvas. We liked reading the artists’ histories.

Becca in the bushes at Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York Becca at Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York Becca against a wall at Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York
Dan in Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York Dan in Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York Dan in Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York

Dan in Dia:Beacon in Beacon New York

Local sandwich alert

For our farewell lunch, we chose Harry’s Hot Sandwiches, located at 449 Main Street. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

Dan chose a packed sandwich and it was delicious. The staff was great at catering to Becca’s allergies and whipped up a salad with a fried egg on top. We also tried the craft kombucha. Just don’t shake it before opening. What a rookie mistake.

Food at Harry's Hot Sandwiches in Beacon New York Lunch at Harry's Hot Sandwiches in Beacon New York

Everything at Harry's Hot Sandwiches in Beacon New York

Update: We learned that Harry’s unfortunately closed. Hopefully we cross paths with these sandwiches again!

Extra credit

There is more to do in Beacon, if you have the time! There are hikes right next to the town, and if you drive a bit longer, you’ll find whole lists of hikes in this region.

Last updated on May 1st, 2020