You can’t be productive without coffee, in our opinion. Although we’re serious about grinding coffee beans and brewing our own coffee at home, we’re equally excited about finding a great coffee shop. Our favorite cafes list below will give you a start on where to find the best coffee and snack while enjoying New York City.

When we travel, we like to find new and interesting coffee shops. Some of our favorite cafes in Buenos Aires remind us of NYC! While we’re in New York City or traveling, we always try and scope out the best places to work. It’s important to find fast internet and plenty of power outlets.

Lincoln Station

Undoubtedly the busiest cafe in the Prospect Heights neighborhood, this spot has a name like a subway station but is actually a big space good for meeting a friend, having lunch, grabbing a coffee and sitting outside or getting some work done. They also serve beer. There are plenty of outlets for charging laptops and phones. The WIFI is also very fast.

Bluestone Lane

Australian-owned and always busy, this cafe makes heart lattes and avocado toast 🥑. We think this place is adorable, and sitting outside is a great place to people-watch in the West Village at this particular location. We hope your latte comes with a heart in it!

Cafe Grumpy

This small chain of cafes serves consistent coffee, and this location has a backyard! It’s pretty cute, and to find this Cafe Grumpy, you’ll have to walk on some charming streets in Chelsea. Grumpy has several locations all around NYC. Can you find them all?

Happy Bones

Happy Bones is a tiny cafe on Broome St. near the bustle of NoLita and the minimalist design makes for nice photos. They have a bench outside where you can catch some sun, and some art from local artists inside. Their tables are also very Instagram friendly (and by this, we mean they have a clean and simple look, great for serving as a backdrop for your photo).

Two coffees at Happy Bones in NYC

Butler Bakeshop

Located near the Williamsburg Bridge, Butler is uber-trendy and has a coffee menu and some select desserts. The bakeshop’s design is worth admiring. Butler is full of light, due to its location on a corner, and it feels cheery inside.

Variety Coffee

Variety Coffee is a little gem on a corner where Chelsea meets Midtown, and the clean design will transport you to a simpler time. Airy and bright, you can get some WIFI for doing work and also partake in solid people-watching.

Gorilla Coffee

Gorilla is a Park Slope neighborhood favorite for caffeinating. They also have baked goods and cool 😎 baristas. We like Gorilla because it has been a neighborhood staple ever since Dan moved to Park Slope (and then left, which is how we started @halfhalftravel, but that’s another story!).

Sitting outside Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn

Irving Farm, Upper West Side

Irving Farm is the staple Upper West Side coffee spot, located on busy West 79th Street near Broadway. There are a few tables on the front patio that are pretty solid if you can score them. They have freshly-baked goods, lots of table space, and a quieter back room where you can sit in peace to get some work or reading done. They are not known for their WIFI, which is a brilliant way to get people to talk to each other and make friends!

Maglia Rosa NYC

Maglia Rosa NYC is somewhere you’ll find if you’re already in Carroll Gardens, on a quiet corner. It also doubles as a bike store 🚲 and has really friendly staff! We stumbled across Maglia Rosa while taking a looooong walk one day, and we hope to go back.

Caffe Noi

Caffe Noi is a spot we found in the Upper East Side that is Israeli-owned and has a whole lunch menu with Mediterranean cuisine. There’s also lots of coffee, as is expected for somewhere that feels like walking into an Israel for a little while!

Hungry Ghost

This cafe has six locations, but the one on Flatbush Avenue has ample space for seating, while its sister location on Sterling Place is take-away only. Conveniently located near Park Slope, Hungry Ghost (Flatbush Avenue) is a great place to stop for drinks and food. Outlets are limited here. You can find some toward the counter on the opposite side from where you order. Most of the tables are made from some sort of cut lots, which are super cool. It gets crowded here at various points in the day because it’s really close to the subway entrance for the 2 and 3 trains.

The Bean

The Bean is a cafe that’s more like a neighborhood hangout, with lots of treats, both vegan and non-vegan, and some high-caffeine specialties that’ll get you wired. Dan’s internal dialogue pronounces the bean like “The Clawwwww” from Toy Story.

Cafe Regular du Nord

Cafe Regular du Nord, despite its mouthful French name, is a tiny and laid-back neighborhood spot in Park Slope with three bright blue tables out front on a quiet street where you can watch dogs, people and kids stroll by. It’s cool inside, too!

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